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Mar 24

How To Calculate Consulting Fees for Professional Quantity Surveyors and Construction Estimators

How To Calculate Consulting Fees for Professional Quantity Surveyors and Construction Estimators A quantity surveyor/professional estimator is responsible for managing the costs of a building project, from project inception to completion.  Throughout the project, the client will be responsible for paying the consulting fees for services rendered by a quantity surveyor. The amount of professional …

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Oct 26

QSPlus Deducting Openings from Walls and Finishes – “And-On” Feature

Using the “And-On” Feature on QSPlus for Deducting Openings When measuring Brickwork and Wall Finishes in an Elemental Estimate or Bills of Quantities, you measure the Gross Quantity, that is you don’t make adjustments for openings (windows, doors etc.) After you have finished measuring the items, you have to return to the Estimate to make …

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Sep 05

The Use of Bills of Quantities in Tender Pricing and Purchasing Materials

The Use of Bills of Quantities in Tender Pricing and Purchasing Materials A BOQ (Bills of Quantities) is a contract document prepared for tendering, project cost control and budgeting, but have you ever wondered why a BOQ is so lengthy, detailed and intimidating? If you curtail the lengthy item descriptions to short titles and strip …

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May 12

How to Enter Takeoff Measurements in a Digital Dimension Sheet

  When you analyze dimension sheets from different quantity surveyors, you will realize that the order in which measurements are entered is quite different. The takeoff pattern varies between estimators. You will find an estimator with a clear and logical arrangement of quantities that can be easily followed and tracked. The other estimator, the one …

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May 11

3 Bad Practices: Describing Items in Bills of Quantities – How To Properly Describe BOQ Items

  Preparing Bills of Quantities (BOQs) is one of the tasks of a Quantity Surveyor or Construction Cost Estimator. One important thing that makes a Bill useful to the contractor, owner and other members of the project team is how the Bill items are described.  BOQ descriptions should be specific with relevant information that helps …

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Apr 28

Top 5 BIM Quantity Takeoff Software – 3D Model Based Estimating Solutions

  BIM is a process that allows members of the project team to collaborate on the design elements of a 3D architectural model via a computer virtual platform. Architects, engineers, planners and the construction team have to analyze the digital model and provide their technical expertise with a goal of conforming their inputs in relation …

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Apr 27

BIM vs. Bills of Quantities. Will 3D Model Takeoff Software Eliminate The Need for Quantity Surveyors and Estimators in Construction Projects?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. There are many perspectives in which people view BIM. It is essential to know that BIM evolved as an architectural design process based on digital 3D Modelling, but instead of the Architect being the only one involved in the design process, it is now inclusive of other parties involved …

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Apr 01

QS Plus vs WinQS – Which is the Best Software for Preparing Cost Estimates, Bills of Quantities and Valuations? – Building Construction

  QS Plus and WinQS are both widely used software for construction cost estimating and quantity surveying. In this review, we are going to compare the two programs and outline their differences and capabilities. Both programs are developed by reputable software companies based in South Africa, and the client base includes international customers. The main …

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Mar 31

WinQS Estimating Software for Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Engineers

WinQS is a construction cost estimating program for professional Quantity Surveyors, Estimators and Cost Engineers. Before the era of desktop estimating software, consulting firms used to prepare Bills of Quantities on Excel sheets, which was quite a tedious and time-consuming exercise. Nowadays, you have computer software like WinQS which can increase your productive output. The …

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Mar 30

QS Plus Estimating Software for Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Engineers

QS Plus or QS+ is cost estimating software for Quantity Surveyors and Consulting Construction Estimators. This advanced software is for professional estimators and it allows you to prepare detailed Bills of Quantities, Cost Plans (Estimates), Valuations and the Final Account. With this software, you will be able to enter take-off quantities in a convenient and …

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