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post-tender contract management of a building project – client, property developer and contractor perspectives

Jun 04

Building a House – How To Choose Your Location – 10 Considerations

Choosing a location for your new house is an important decision because your chosen area or neighbourhood will be your permanent residence. There are a lot of considerations that you have to take into account when choosing a location to build a house. You have to ask yourself, does the location satisfy your needs, standards, …

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Jun 03

17 Steps To Building a House (Design and Cost) – Guide for Prospective Home Owners / Clients

Building a house is a long process that involves a lot of planning in the preliminary stage of the project. Once a client has decided on building a home, they should consult relevant professionals in the construction industry that will help them achieve their goals. The building contractor is the first professional that comes in …

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Apr 29

What is BIM ? – 3D Architectural Modelling and BIM Software Explained

  Architectural 3D Modelling is something that an Architect is familiar with, especially if the designer is well-versed with software like ArchiCAD. Engineering design also involves a lot of computer-based 3D modelling. When it comes to BIM, an acronym for Building Information Modelling, you have to imagine an architectural modelling platform that is open to …

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Mar 26

Types of Residential Buildings – Homes to Build, Rent or Lease

There are many advantages to building and having your own house or residential property. In this regard, there are two types of property owners – the homeowner who wants to have their own custom designed home and the property developer who builds residential buildings for selling or renting. If you intend to build a house …

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Mar 22

Building Costs Per Square Metre in South Africa

If you are planning to build a house or any type of building in South Africa, one of the top questions that you would like to find answers for is what is the cost per m2 of building a private house, flat, duplex house, office block or shopping space? Fortunately, unlike in other countries where …

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Mar 22

What is the Cost of Building a House & Other Types of Residential Units?

  The cost to build a house depends on specific factors which may not be obvious to a client but clearly laid out by a construction estimator. Building a house is a complex process which takes into account the client needs to begin with, but during the planning stage, when feasibility studies are done, a …

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Sep 01

What the Quotation by a Replacement Cost Estimator Entails – Demolitions and Re-Building

A replacement cost estimator is needed when you are planning to demolish and rebuild your home or any type of property that you own, for example an office building, industrial facility or apartments. You will also need a replacement consultant when you lose a home through man-made accidents and catastrophic natural phenomena. Facility managers are …

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Jul 31

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Construction Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor

A construction cost estimator is a professional who prepares cost estimates for your building plans. This professional also provides contract management during the building phase, overseeing the valuation of work done and managing costs until the final account is negotiated and settled at the end of the project. If you are a client who intends …

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Jul 16

Why You Need a Construction Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor to Manage Your Building Project

Ask some random people at your workplace, your friend or an ordinary person in the streets what a Cost Estimator is. More often, they have no idea what that job title means .At least, the word Cost Estimator is self-explanatory for most people. Ask them what a Quantity Surveyor is and they are even more puzzled. Most of them …

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