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Apr 30

10 Best Estimating Takeoff Software for Precast Concrete, Modular Building and Prefabricated Metal / Timber Construction

10 Best Estimating Takeoff Software for Precast Concrete, Modular Building and Prefabricated Metal / Timber Construction Estimating and taking off quantities for precast concrete, modular or prefabricated building is a much easier task than quantification of wet construction methods. Most of the time, contractors specializing in prefabricated building have standard house designs and models which …

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Apr 23

Building Costs Per Square Metre in the UK / England and Wales

Building Costs Per Square Metre in the UK / England The building costs per square metre in the UK (United Kingdom) depend on the location and type of house or building that you want to build. UK countries include England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The costs of building will vary in these countries. As …

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Aug 25

What are the Pros and Cons of Building your own House?

Are you deciding whether you should build your own house from scratch or buy an existing one? It’s very exciting to build your own residential property because it gives you a chance to be involved in the project. You will be able to apply your ideas, and see them come to fruition. There is no …

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Sep 06

How to Get Funding for a Construction Project

  Getting funding for a construction project can be tough or smooth depending on various factors such as your financial standing, creditworthiness, quality of your presentation and proposal. Every lender (or investor) wants to know what they are getting from a project or business plan. They are bound to ask you tough questions, test your …

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Sep 06

The Difference between an Estimate and Budget – Construction Cost

  A construction estimate is prepared in the early stages of a project before work on site begins. The process leading to a cost estimate begins with client consultation. As soon as the client lays down their building plans with an architect, he or she must take the blueprints to a quantity surveyor or professional …

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Jun 20

Building Permit – Application for Building Plan Approval

Before you begin building a house on purchased land, you have to get a Building Permit also known as Building Plan Approval. There are building permits for different types of structures and residential developments. Also building requirements may differ from one place to another within a country, region or district. In the United States, you …

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Jun 09

Building a House – Get a Construction Cost Estimate

    After the Architect or Building Designer has produced drawings of your proposed house, you have to calculate the cost of construction. One of the mistakes that clients make is leaving building cost estimating in the hands of the contractor or an engineer who is working on the project. Let’s be honest, a building …

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Jun 06

Building a House – Should You Hire an Architect or Building Designer?

  The next step after choosing a location and buying land to build your house is getting an Architect or Certified Building Designer to design your house. What is the difference between an Architect and Building Designer? To start with, both the Architect and Building Designer can design residential houses, and they can help clients …

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Jun 05

Building a House – Buy Land, Residential Lot or Plot

Building a House – Buy Land, Residential Lot or Plot After you have found the best location or neighbourhood to build a house, you should search for land or a residential plot to buy in that location. There are many ways to find plots or land for sale in a specific location. From real estate …

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Jun 04

Building a House – How To Choose Your Location – 10 Considerations

Choosing a location for your new house is an important decision because your chosen area or neighbourhood will be your permanent residence. There are a lot of considerations that you have to take into account when choosing a location to build a house. You have to ask yourself, does the location satisfy your needs, standards, …

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