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May 02

List of Quantity Surveying Courses / Universities with BIM, CAD Modelling and Building Design in the Curriculum

18 Quantity Surveying Courses which include BIM, CAD Modelling and Building Design BIM is the future of quantity surveying, especially the measurement and quantification part. More and more organizations in the construction industry are beginning to realize the power of a 3D Model based estimating system that automatically generates quantities from 3D CAD digital drawings. …

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Apr 29

What is BIM ? – 3D Architectural Modelling and BIM Software Explained

  Architectural 3D Modelling is something that an Architect is familiar with, especially if the designer is well-versed with software like ArchiCAD. Engineering design also involves a lot of computer-based 3D modelling. When it comes to BIM, an acronym for Building Information Modelling, you have to imagine an architectural modelling platform that is open to …

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Apr 28

Top 5 BIM Quantity Takeoff Software – 3D Model Based Estimating Solutions

  BIM is a process that allows members of the project team to collaborate on the design elements of a 3D architectural model via a computer virtual platform. Architects, engineers, planners and the construction team have to analyze the digital model and provide their technical expertise with a goal of conforming their inputs in relation …

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Apr 27

BIM vs. Bills of Quantities. Will 3D Model Takeoff Software Eliminate The Need for Quantity Surveyors and Estimators in Construction Projects?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. There are many perspectives in which people view BIM. It is essential to know that BIM evolved as an architectural design process based on digital 3D Modelling, but instead of the Architect being the only one involved in the design process, it is now inclusive of other parties involved …

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