How to Find Tenders – Part 4 | How To Win a Construction Tender


How to Find Tenders

The previous chapter (Getting Experience) dealt with various ways in which new contractors can get experience which apparently addresses various ways of getting jobs. This chapter is going to focus on finding construction tenders. Tenders are projects where multiple contractors compete to win a building contract through a bidding procedure. The first step in securing a tender is knowing how and where to find them. The following are places to find tenders:

National Newspapers

To reach a wide audience, government tenders are usually published in national newspapers. Depending on the advert, applicants have up to 21 days to submit bids. Conditions for applying include paying a non-refundable deposit fee, which can be anyway up to 35 USD depending on the project. You will get tender documents after paying the fee, and you have to fill in the documents and submit them before the deadline. Check the popular national newspapers in your region on a weekly basis, adverts may be published in sections other than the classifieds column.

Regional Newspapers

Where local contractors are preferred, local authorities such as the regional government, town councils and municipalities will advertise tenders in regional newspapers and publications.

Government Publications

As a normal procedure, government tenders will appear in government publications before they are published in private media. You have to subscribe to government publications such as weekly journals, gazettes, newspapers, departmental news and tender announcements. At one time or another, most departments in the government have one or two construction projects going on, and some of these projects may not be found in the central resource. Publications are available in print, electronic documents and online resources offered by the government as a service to the public. Don’t only check the main government website, but also check departmental and regional websites.

Tender Updates

Watching out and collecting tender notices by yourself is a tedious process. Tender aggregators are websites that specialize in collecting information about tenders from different sources. You can either visit the website on a regularly basis to check the latest tenders or you can subscribe to receive tender alerts in your email. Most of these sites are membership sites that require you to pay a subscription fee to access the latest tenders. Look for a site that aggregates tenders in your country. The advantage of using a tender update service is that you cut down the amount of time you would need to search and track multiple tenders related to your industry. Tender information providers do all the searching and organization for you. Just sit down in the comfort of your office and pick the tenders you want.

Company Newsletters and Notice Boards

Tender notices that are advertised in the popular press are easy to get hold of, but there are many organizations, local authorities and companies that don’t advertise tenders in the popular medium. These companies prefer a low profile. Such organizations will publish tenders internally on notice boards, company newsletters and websites. To get hold of tender info from these organizations, you have to monitor the news outlets used by these organizations. It may be a tedious task but it pays in the end. You are bound to meet less competition because these are hard-to-find tenders and if you happen to have a solid profile, your chances of winning the tender will be high.

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