Planning and Organization – Part 2 | How To Win a Construction Tender


Planning and Organization

Your chances of winning a tender will increase if you plan ahead. I am sure you are aware of that typical contractor who is always complaining about not getting jobs despite bidding for several projects each year. The problem may lie in lack of planning. Planning starts with your construction firm, it should not start with your bid. It involves structuring your organization and organizing your company staff, resources and information to meet the needs of tender preparation. The following are some of the things that you need to plan:

Role Planning

The CEO of a construction firm has to assign clear roles to administrative and professional teams to carry out the goals and objectives of the firm. In this regard, the owner of the company needs to create departments that deal with marketing, lead generation, human resources, purchasing, estimating, tendering and post-tender contract management.

Let us see how these departments contribute towards the objectives of the firm. The objective of a construction firm is to get jobs and secure tenders for the short and long-term survival of the firm:

Department of Marketing

Marketing should promote the company brand name in a positive light but marketing alone will not achieve this purpose. Whatever the company promises to deliver must be delivered. You need to stand out as a professional and people will give you the recognition you deserve. You are not a professional because you say you are or you think you are. People know what a professional is and they don’t need to be told. You will never know if somebody is a professional until you deal with them.

A professional is somebody who is educated and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. He or she knows how to solve problems, listens well to customer issues and above all he or she is very competent in their job. A professional company strives to please its customers with high quality services/products. They will deliver service on time, take blame for any shortcomings, allow for contingency plans and at all times they will deal honestly and transparently with the client. A professional knows that the purpose of his or her firm is to provide value to the client.

Good customer service is the best form of marketing that any company can ever do. What does this mean to a building contractor? Your reputation is derived from the quality of service you provide and how you treat your clients. Do you have a track record of poor workmanship, failing to meet building deadlines, poor credit rating, bankruptcy, problems with suppliers, inflating the contract price, frivolous claims and projects that were abandoned midway? If so then you will gain a bad reputation that is not good for your business.

On the other hand, if you provide quality, if you are reliable and competent, you will have clients tripping over to hire you. You will gain business that is too much to handle, you will grow faster and you may be forced to take selected clients based on a minimum project value.

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