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List of Quantity Surveying Courses / Universities with BIM, CAD Modelling and Building Design in the Curriculum

18 Quantity Surveying Courses which include BIM, CAD Modelling and Building Design BIM is the future of quantity surveying, especially the measurement and quantification part. More and more organizations in the construction industry are beginning to realize the power of a 3D Model based estimating system that automatically generates quantities from 3D CAD digital drawings. …

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List of the Best Quantity Surveying Courses and Universities in the World – How to Choose the Right Curricular Programme

Are you looking for the best quantity surveying course? There are many universities and colleges offering the course, but is the course broad enough and does it cover some essential subjects that are required in the construction industry? A well rounded and balanced quantity surveying course is essential if one is looking to be a …

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5 Skills Required To Be a Competent Construction Cost Estimator (Quantity Surveyor)

If you want to be a good Construction Cost Estimator (US) also called a Quantity Surveyor (UK), then you must get a College Diploma or University Degree at an institution that offers the course. Getting an education at a recognized institute of learning will equip you with knowledge in many aspects of the Quantity Surveying …

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