EstimationQS Annual Student Scholarship 2017

EstimationQS Scholarship 2017


Company Background

Our organization functions as a magazine for all things related to the construction industry, especially construction cost estimating aka quantity surveying and project management. We also feature products and tools used by professionals in this industry.


About EstimationQS Scholarship

This is a noble program which seeks to promote careers in the construction industry, whereby the student is studying towards attaining a National Certificate, Diploma, HND, Undergraduate Degree, Post Graduate Degree or Trade Certificate in the following fields:

  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Building Technology
  • Building Science
  • Building Surveying
  • Architecture
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Architectural Technology
  • Interior Design & Refurbishment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Soil and Water Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Town and Urban Planning
  • Real Estate Management and Property Valuation
  • Facility Management
  • Construction Cost Engineering
  • Construction Accounting
  • Environmental Science and Safety


Every year, we award a scholarship worth $2,000 to a student who submits an impressive and inspiring report on projects they did at any time during the course of enrollment at an accredited college, university, technical college, vocational school or high school. This includes the student’s internship years also known as industrial placement. Experiences outside of the student’s internship are also accepted but they should relate to your career or field of study. These can be contract jobs, temporary jobs, part-time jobs or volunteer jobs and community services.


How To Enter The Scholarship Contest


  • You must be an enrolled student at a recognized university, college, vocational school , secondary school  or high school
  • Be accepted to commence studying at a recognized university, college, vocational school , secondary school  or high school
  • If you are in secondary or high school, you should be a senior level student
  • Citizens of all countries are welcome to apply


If you are interested, you must submit the following documents:

  • Your Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • A Project Report (at least 3,000 words) relating your workplace experiences, things learned and work done during your industrial placement, internship or volunteer project. Describe how this experience changed your perspective about your career. Provide site notes and at least 3 field pictures where possible to illustrate your project experiences. Experiences obtained from contract jobs, part-time jobs, temporary jobs and community services are also accepted but they should be relevant to your field of study.
  • A One Page Motivational Letter.

Your resume, project report and motivational letter should be in MS Word. Pictures should be png or jpeg. Send your application and documents to

Deadline:  The closing date for applications is 30 September 2017. The winner will be announced within 60 days from the closing date.

Adjudication:  The assessment panel will give preference to applicants who put in high quality work , effort and enthusiasm.