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EstimationQS is a blog with a focus on Building Estimating, Quantity Surveying, Architecture and Construction. This blog is updated by qualified Construction Estimators and Quantity Surveying Technicians. The blog was started as a response to the needs of clients and property developers who need information and guidance before carrying out a construction project. Building and property development is a complex process that needs careful planning and realistic cost projections to get value out of your investments and hard earned money.
A successful project starts with the Project Manager who knows what it takes to complete a project. Financial management is critical and this involves knowing the estimated cost of a particular project that a client wishes to undertake. The roles of various professionals in the construction team have to be known. The contractor’s role is to build a property according to the Architect’s specifications and direction. The Architect’s role is to act as client’s representative, coordinate meetings, produce design plans and implement specifications through site inspections. The Engineer’s role is to produce engineering drawings and make sure that the specifications are followed by the contractor. The Quantity Surveyor/Professional Estimator is the client’s Financial Manager and Project Manager. His or her role is to produce cost estimates, prepare bills of quantities, evaluate tenders, manage costs, make valuations of work done during the construction period and handle contractual disputes.
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