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Construction Cost Estimating and Quantity Takeoff Software

Let’s be honest, reducing your productive time as a construction estimator, contractor, architect, subcontractor, renovator, civil or structural engineer gives you more room to concentrate on what you know best – delivering high quality services to your client.

It’s hard to be profitable, efficient and competent when you aren’t using premium estimating and project management software that can handle client projects smoothly from conception to the final account. Are you that type of professional who is reluctant to invest in advanced estimating/take off software? If so then, you are wasting your productive time which could be used in securing more jobs, contracts, leads and focusing on the critical elements of your client’s projects. Old fashioned methods like MS Excel, cut & shuffle and paper bills are a time waster.

Modern estimating software can cut your productive time by as much as 80%, but it’s not every software that does that. Cheap software that cuts corners is not the answer. You need to invest in the right cloud-based software that allows you to interface with the project team anywhere wherever you are.

For now, you can test drive this software and see what it does for you. Sign up  and Download the Free Trial, then upgrade to a premium version later at US$1000 per year. A serious professional invests in serious software that improves your efficiency and profitability.  There is no shortcut. Construction project management is not a walkover, and time is a critical factor.

Estimating software for clients, quantity surveyors, contractors, subcontractors, estimators, civil engineers and architects. Learn more about the features of this software >> Click the link below:

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