End of Year Report: Indianapolis Metro New Construction Median Sale Price Per Square Foot Analysis (2023)

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End of Year Report: Indianapolis Metro New Construction Median Sale Price Per Square Foot Analysis (2023)

Executive Summary:
In 2023, the median sale price per square foot for newly built houses in Indianapolis, IN experienced fluctuations, reflecting the dynamic nature of the real estate market. This report analyzes the monthly trends, identifies highs and lows, computes annual and quarterly averages, and provides insights into whether 2023 was favorable for buying or selling new homes. Furthermore, based on the observed patterns, predictions for the 2024 market are outlined.

Monthly Analysis:

Month Median Sale Price Per SF (USD)
January 168.18
February 161.04
March 179.06
April 160.32
May 171.97
June 164.89
July 169.34
August 162.11
September 157.67
October 161.29
November 157.10

Trends and Relationships:

  • Fluctuations: The data shows fluctuations throughout the year, indicating the dynamic nature of the market.
  • Seasonal Patterns: Certain months exhibit higher prices (e.g., March and May) while others show decreases (e.g., February and September).
  • Overall Decrease: There is a slight decrease in median sale price per square foot from January to November.

Highs and Lows:

  • High: March recorded the highest median sale price per square foot at $179.06.
  • Low: September marked the lowest point with a median sale price per square foot of $157.67.
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Monthly Percentage Changes:

Month Percentage Change (%)
February -4.28
March 11.20
April -10.37
May 7.28
June -3.96
July 2.70
August -4.26
September -2.77
October 2.32
November -2.62

Annual Average: The annual average median sale price per square foot for 2023 is $165.78.

Quarterly Averages:

  • Q1: $169.09
  • Q2: $165.06
  • Q3: $162.04
  • Q4: $158.16

Closing and Ending Figures:

  • The year ended with a median sale price per square foot of $157.10 in November.

Market Analysis and Predictions:
Based on the observed trends and analysis, 2023 exhibited mixed signals for buyers and sellers. While there were periods of growth, especially in March and May, there were also declines in other months such as February and September. However, the overall annual average remained relatively stable, indicating a balanced market.

For potential buyers, periods of lower prices, such as September and November, could have presented favorable opportunities. Conversely, sellers may have found March and May to be advantageous for maximizing returns.

Looking ahead to 2024, the market is likely to continue experiencing fluctuations influenced by factors such as economic conditions, interest rates, and housing supply. However, with the overall stability observed in 2023, cautious optimism can be maintained. It is advisable for buyers and sellers to closely monitor market dynamics and seek professional guidance to make informed decisions in the coming year.

In conclusion, while 2023 presented both challenges and opportunities in the Indianapolis new construction housing market, a strategic approach based on thorough analysis and expert advice can help navigate the landscape successfully.

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