End of Year Report: Metro New Construction Median Sale Price Per Square Foot in Austin, TX (Jan-Nov 2023)

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End of Year Report: Metro New Construction Median Sale Price Per Square Foot in Austin, TX (Jan-Nov 2023)

Executive Summary:
In this report, we analyze the monthly median sale price per square foot (SF) for newly built houses in Austin, TX, from January to November 2023. The data, provided by Zillow, offers insights into the trends and fluctuations within the real estate market in Austin. By examining highs and lows, monthly percentage changes, annual and quarterly averages, as well as closing and ending figures, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview for informed decision-making.

Monthly Median Sale Price Analysis:

Month Median Sale Price Per SF (US$)
January 211.42
February 213.17
March 225.96
April 223.03
May 220.79
June 220.92
July 215.44
August 217.62
September 211.61
October 206.19
November 200.08

Trends and Relationships:

  • The median sale price per square foot fluctuated throughout the year, indicating dynamic market conditions.
  • March saw the highest median sale price, while November marked the lowest.
  • Overall, a slight downward trend is observable from March to November, suggesting a potential shift in the market dynamics.

Monthly Percentage Changes:

Month Percentage Change
February +0.83%
March +5.92%
April -1.27%
May -1.00%
June +0.06%
July -2.48%
August +1.01%
September -2.77%
October -2.59%
November -2.96%
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Annual and Quarterly Averages:

  • The annual average median sale price per SF for 2023 is $215.57.
  • Quarterly averages show variations in price trends, with Q1 exhibiting the highest average and Q4 the lowest.

Closing and Ending Figures:

  • The closing figure for November 2023 is $200.08 per SF.
  • The ending figure signifies a decline from the beginning of the year, indicating a potential market correction.

Market Analysis and Predictions:
Based on the data analysis, 2023 witnessed fluctuations in the median sale price per square foot, with a gradual decline observed in the latter part of the year. This trend suggests that 2023 might not have been an optimal time for buying, especially considering the downward trajectory in prices. However, for sellers, earlier in the year presented better opportunities as prices peaked in March.

Looking ahead to 2024, it’s crucial to anticipate market dynamics and adjust strategies accordingly. With the downward trend observed towards the end of 2023, it’s plausible that this correction may continue into the new year. Factors such as economic conditions, housing supply, and demand dynamics will heavily influence the market trajectory.

As advisors, we recommend closely monitoring market indicators, staying informed about local economic developments, and adopting a flexible approach to real estate transactions in 2024. Adjusting pricing strategies based on evolving market conditions and leveraging expert insights will be essential for both buyers and sellers navigating the Austin housing market in the coming year.

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