End of Year Report: Metro New Construction Median Sale Price Per Square Foot in Charlotte, NC (Jan-Nov 2023)

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End of Year Report: Metro New Construction Median Sale Price Per Square Foot in Charlotte, NC (Jan-Nov 2023)


The real estate market in Charlotte, NC, experienced fluctuations throughout 2023, as observed in the median sale price per square foot data provided by Zillow. This report aims to analyze the trends, highs, lows, percentage changes, and quarterly averages of the market to provide insights for stakeholders and potential buyers or sellers. Additionally, based on the data, recommendations for whether 2023 was favorable for buying or selling new homes will be provided, along with a prediction for the market in 2024.

Data Analysis

The table below displays the monthly median sale price per square foot in US dollars for newly built houses in Charlotte, NC, from January to November 2023:

Month Median Sale Price Per SF (USD)
January $198.48
February $199.92
March $201.66
April $203.79
May $206.42
June $203.84
July $210.89
August $206.84
September $208.70
October $209.49
November $204.71

Trends and Relationships

From the data, it’s evident that there’s an overall increasing trend in median sale prices per square foot throughout the year, with occasional fluctuations. The highest recorded median sale price occurred in July, while the lowest was observed in January. Despite some monthly fluctuations, the general trend is upwards, indicating a growing real estate market in Charlotte, NC.

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Monthly Percentage Changes

To better understand the fluctuations in prices, the percentage change from month to month can be calculated. The table below presents the monthly percentage changes:

Month Percentage Change (%)
February 0.72
March 0.87
April 0.99
May 1.29
June -1.24
July 3.44
August -1.92
September 0.90
October 0.38
November -2.28

Annual Average

The annual average median sale price per square foot for 2023 can be calculated by averaging the monthly values. The annual average for 2023 is approximately $204.47.

Quarterly Averages

Quarterly averages provide a broader view of the market performance. The table below shows the quarterly averages for 2023:

Quarter Average Median Sale Price Per SF (USD)
Q1 $200.02
Q2 $204.67
Q3 $208.47
Q4 $207.65

Closing and Ending Figures

The year ended with a median sale price per square foot of $204.71 in November, indicating a slight decrease from the peak observed in July.

Analysis and Recommendations

Based on the data analysis, 2023 witnessed a generally positive trend in the real estate market in Charlotte, NC. Despite some fluctuations, the overall median sale price per square foot increased throughout the year, suggesting a growing market. However, the rate of increase varied from month to month, with some months experiencing more significant gains than others.

For potential buyers, 2023 presented opportunities to enter the market before prices potentially rise further. The relatively stable and increasing trend suggests that investing in new homes in Charlotte, NC, could be beneficial in the long term. On the other hand, for sellers, particularly those looking to capitalize on higher prices, timing the sale around peak months, such as July, could maximize profits.

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Market Prediction for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, the market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, albeit with potential fluctuations. Economic factors, population growth, and housing demand will continue to influence the real estate market in Charlotte, NC. However, it’s essential to monitor any external factors, such as interest rate changes or economic instability, which could impact market dynamics.

In conclusion, 2023 presented favorable conditions for both buyers and sellers in the new home market in Charlotte, NC. With the market showing resilience and growth, 2024 is anticipated to offer continued opportunities for investment and growth in the real estate sector.


The analysis of the metro new construction median sale price per square foot in Charlotte, NC, for January to November 2023 provides valuable insights for stakeholders in the real estate market. The data indicates a generally positive trend with opportunities for both buyers and sellers. With careful consideration of market dynamics, stakeholders can make informed decisions for investments and transactions in 2024.

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