What Is The Average Bedroom Size In Meters In New Zealand?

The average bedroom size in New Zealand is an important consideration for homeowners, renters, and property developers alike. In this article, we will explore the various factors that influence bedroom sizes in New Zealand, including building codes, historical trends, and cultural preferences. By examining a range of sources, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic and shed light on the current state of bedroom sizes in the country.

The Block NZ: How big does a room have to be to call it a bedroom?

According to the article from Stuff.co.nz, the minimum size for a bedroom in New Zealand is 6 square meters. This is based on the Building Code, which stipulates that a room must have a minimum floor area of 6 square meters and a minimum width of 1.8 meters to be considered a bedroom. The article also notes that bedrooms must have a window or door that opens to the outside for ventilation purposes.

Bedroom Size in New Zealand Houses: 1874-2011

The research paper from ANZASCA (Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association) provides a historical overview of bedroom sizes in New Zealand houses from 1874 to 2011. The study found that the average bedroom size has increased over time, from around 9 square meters in the late 19th century to approximately 12 square meters in the early 21st century. The authors attribute this increase to changes in building codes, lifestyle preferences, and the availability of larger homes.

Definition of House Size: An Architectural Perspective

The research paper from the University of Auckland explores the definition of house size from an architectural perspective. The authors argue that bedroom size is just one aspect of overall house size and that other factors, such as the number of bedrooms, living areas, and storage spaces, should also be considered. They suggest that a more comprehensive approach to defining house size could help to ensure that homes meet the needs of their occupants.

What is a bedroom?

The article from Maria Santayana, a New Zealand-based interior designer, provides a more subjective take on what constitutes a bedroom. Santayana argues that a bedroom should be a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space that promotes rest and relaxation. She suggests that factors such as natural light, ventilation, and storage should be considered when designing a bedroom, in addition to meeting the minimum size requirements.

Large Housing in New Zealand: Are Bedroom and Room Standards Still Good Definitions of New Zealand House Size?

The research paper from the University of Otago examines whether bedroom and room standards are still good definitions of house size in New Zealand. The authors argue that these standards may not accurately reflect the changing needs and preferences of New Zealand households, particularly in light of demographic shifts and the increasing diversity of family structures. They suggest that alternative measures, such as floor area per person, may be more useful for assessing the adequacy of housing.

Housing in New Zealand

The Wikipedia article on housing in New Zealand provides a broad overview of the country’s housing stock, including information on bedroom sizes. The article notes that the average floor area of new homes in New Zealand has increased over time, from around 120 square meters in the 1970s to over 200 square meters in the 2010s. However, it also highlights the issue of housing affordability and the challenges faced by many New Zealanders in accessing suitable housing.

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