Building Costs Per Square Metre in the Philippines & Disaster-Proof Building Methods

Building Costs Per Square Metre in the Philippines and Disaster-Proof Building Methods


  • PSA Residential Building Costs – Philippines

  • PSA Non-Residential Building Costs – Philippines

  • Building Costs in Philippines – International Construction Market Surveys

  • Regional Costs of Building in the Philippines – 17 Main Regions

  • Philippines Household Income vs Building Costs By Region

  • Building Methods used in the Philippines

Newly built 2 bedroom structural concrete house with living room completed on July 2020 (Price ₱720,000) situated on Household 30, Midfarm Road, Purok 6 in Kulasihan, Lantapan, Mindanao, Philippines – Source Lamudi


The building costs per square metre in the Philippines vary by region and province. As is the norm in the construction industry, the type of building, its use, size as well as the material specifications, skilled labour and location will influence the cost. The Philippines is located in the Asia Pacific region, a region known for its tumultuous weather and geographical conditions which calls for safe and disaster-proof building methods.

The Philippines has 81 administrative/political provinces which are divided into 17 cultural/geographical regions. The Philippines government statistics authority (PSA) publishes construction cost statistics of all 81 provinces in the country on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis. In this post, we shall analyze the residential and non-residential costs (industrial, commercial, institutional, agricultural) of building across the provinces and regions in the Philippines. The residential building costs include different types of residences such as single family homes, duplex/quadruplex houses, apartments and condominiums.

PSA Residential Building Costs – Philippines

National Average Costs for New Residences

A significant decline in costs was observed in all residential construction with the exception of single family homes. The national average cost of building a single family home was ₱9,949 per square metre in 2019 and ₱9,475 per square metre in 2018, which was a 5% increase from the previous year. The square metre cost of building a quadruplex or duplex house decreased from ₱10,126 in 2018 to ₱9,553 in 2019. There was also a decrease in costs for two other types of residences, namely apartments (₱8743 to ₱8577) and condominiums (₱18,776 to ₱15,094). Other residences which don’t fall in the above named categories saw a decrease in building costs (₱9210 to ₱7583) for the successive years 2018 and 2019, respectively.

A look at the bar graph below shows that there is a small variance in cost between single family homes, duplex houses, quadruplex houses and apartments if ₱300 to ₱1300 per square metre is an extra amount you are willing to build a new house for. Otherwise, the superficial area rate for building an apartment is always lower than building a single family home, duplex or quadruplex. However, note that an apartment will accommodate more tenants or occupants per square metre than a single family home, duplex or quadruplex. Also, since an apartment is a huge block of compact individual family units, the final project cost will be exceedingly higher than a single family home, duplex or quadruplex.

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