17 Steps To Building a House (Design and Cost) – Guide for Prospective Home Owners / Clients

Building a house is a long process that involves a lot of planning in the preliminary stage of the project. Once a client has decided on building a home, they should consult relevant professionals in the construction industry that will help them achieve their goals. The building contractor is the first professional that comes in the mind of a prospective home owner, but before you consult a construction firm you have to consult two professionals – i) an Architect or certified Building Designer who will design your desired home, and ii) a Construction Cost Estimator whose role is to calculate the cost of building of a house in a specific region or location.

If you have the budget, you should allow the Architect to come up with at least two or three design alternatives. Get the input of people that you intend to stay with in the finished house i.e. your partner, kids and relatives. This input will be critical in determining the final plan that suits everybody, but remember that the plan has to be adjusted by the Architect to comply with building regulations and codes.


Where To Get Home Designs?

If you are short on ideas, the Architect can give you ideas obtained from a portfolio of completed works. You can also find inspiration from local homes constructed in your neighbourhood, works by other architects and building contractors. There are a lot of resources to find home designs, and you can find a variety of home styles without leaving your home. Just by browsing the internet on your laptop, you can visit home design websites such as Maramani to view dozens of home styles. All you need to do is choose your desired plan and get an Architect or design consultant to modify the plan to suit local conditions and regulations. The plan has to be submitted to the local building authority for approval, this is usually your town/city municipality. Every revision has to be approved by the municipality or city council. By working with a local Architect, you will not have problems in approving your architectural drawings because they are familiar with the regulations.

Custom Design or Ready Made Designs?

A question that most prospective home owners will ask is whether to get a custom design or pick a ready-made design. A custom design is a non-existent design that has to be designed from scratch and a ready-made design is a complete design alternative available for cherry-picking by the client.

If your budget is limited, it is smart to get a ready-made design because there are no design costs involved. All you need to pay for is the house plans available in digital CAD files or blueprints. The price is way lower than a custom home. Designing a custom home is more costly as the Architect will charge you an hourly fee or percentage fee based on the contract. As an example, you can get a ready-made 3 bedroom house plan for US$250 and a custom design for US$4,000. Now that’s quite a big difference.

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