Construction Estimator T-Shirt for Quantity Surveyors, Cost Engineers, Estimators and Project Managers.

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Construction Estimator T-Shirt for Quantity Surveyors, Cost Engineers, Estimators and Project Managers.

A career in construction as an Estimator also known as a Quantity Surveyor or Cost Engineer is one that is little well known about, but exciting, rewarding and satisfying. Like other professional fields in the construction industry such as Structural Engineer or Architect, it may be challenging but these are among the highest paying jobs in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and around the world. You will find Construction Estimating / Quantity Surveying exciting if you are interested in Accounting, Costing and other related fields. The professional career also requires a lot of project management skills. A Cost Estimator takes pride in managing the cost and financial aspects of a construction project, from the planning stage to tendering and post-contract period.

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The Quantity Surveyor ensures that the client is not overcharged by the contractor, assists in budgeting and expenditure, and sees to it that specifications and contract clauses are followed throughout the project. Hence, by hiring a quantity surveyor to manage a building project, a client can have peace of mind knowing that a professional will keep the costs within budget, and complete the project on time. Without a cost engineer, the client will not be able to save money or complete a project within budget.

Valuation and payment disputes between the client and contractor often arise in the construction phase, and these can be professionally handled by a quantity surveyor. Payment will not be released to the contractor until the Architect has certified the work done. This leads us to another aspect of the construction estimating profession. Construction Estimators work as part of a team, involving the Architect, Consulting Engineers, Client and Contractor. In this regard, the QS enjoys liaising with members of the professional team, attending monthly site meetings, board meetings and frequent travelling. If your organization is managing projects around the country or state, you will get to visit many places, booking a lodge or hotel room for the duration of the site visit.

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During the pre-contract and contract stage, there will be a lot of site meetings. Members of the professional team will be required to present their progress reports, for client updates. A Quantity Surveyor will present the budget, cost estimates, valuation reports as well as the financial and legal standing of the project. The Architect will present the design models, specification updates, feasibility studies and variation orders, if any. The Architect is usually the chairman and organizer of meetings.

The Quantity Surveyor gets satisfaction from seeing their completed work in the form of a brand new building added to the local address. Whenever you see a spectacular high rise building, shopping mall, office complex, luxury mansion or that nice middle income apartment, it was completed thanks to the project management skills of a Quantity Surveyor.

Get a Construction Estimator T-Shirt to display your contribution to the community. A proud quantity surveyor saves clients a lot of money. Very few people know about the value of estimating. Let them know what you do, and how they can benefit from your valuable skills. Wear a T-Shirt. Get it on Amazon.

The T-Shirt is available in blue, orange, silver, white and yellow. It’s a unisex Tee, suitable for men and women, standard and premium quality.


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