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How Big is the Average Backyard for a Single Family Home?

Contents : How Big is the Average Backyard for a Single Family Home? Examples of Homes with Big and Small Backyards What is The Minimum Size of Backyard?   A backyard is a lot or piece of vacant land behind your house (also known as the rear yard). You also have the front yard which …

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Building Plan Approval Fees and Town Planning Costs in South Africa

Are you planning to build a residential, commercial, industrial or educational facility in South Africa? Before you commence building a new house, extension , addition or making alterations to your existing dwelling on your residential plot or erven, you have to apply for an approval from the municipality in your city or town. The type …

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Building Permit – Application for Building Plan Approval

Before you begin building a house on purchased land, you have to get a Building Permit also known as Building Plan Approval. There are building permits for different types of structures and residential developments. Also building requirements may differ from one place to another within a country, region or district. In the United States, you …

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