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Cost of Residential Building Permits in California, USA

23917 Malibu Road Malibu CA 90265 - Newly Built House with 5 Bedrooms 10 Baths and 3 x Attached Garages on Gross Floor Area 8,200 sqft - Price $35 million (6)

Residential Building Permit Trends in the State of California (CA), USA Building permits can be a pain in the ass: getting one requires going through hours and hours of red tape, but not having one can cost you dearly. Something that makes this type of permit even more complex is that it usually varies depending …

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Is It Legal To Build a House Underground? Do You Need Planning Permission for a Basement?

Is It Legal To Build a House Underground? Do You Need Planning Permission for an Underground House? Is it illegal to build an underground house, basement, bunker, cellar or any type of underground room in your backyard? If it wasn’t illegal, you may as well as ask, is it legal to build a house above-grade …

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Building Plan Approval Fees and Town Planning Costs in South Africa

Are you planning to build a residential, commercial, industrial or educational facility in South Africa? Just like in any construction project around the world, building costs will include town planning fees charged by the municipality. Before you commence building a new house, extension , addition or making alterations to your existing dwelling on your residential …

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Building Permit – Application for Building Plan Approval

Before you begin building a house on purchased land, you have to get a Building Permit also known as Building Plan Approval. There are building permits for different types of structures and residential developments. Also building requirements may differ from one place to another within a country, region or district. In the United States, you …

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