Building Plan Approval Fees and Town Planning Costs in South Africa

Are you planning to build a residential, commercial, industrial or educational facility in South Africa? Just like in any construction project around the world, building costs will include town planning fees charged by the municipality. Before you commence building a new house, extension , addition or making alterations to your existing dwelling on your residential plot or erven, you have to apply for an approval from the municipality in your city or town. The type of application fees you pay depends on the type of applications required by your project. As an example, if you want to build a casino, night club or liquor store on erven meant for middle class residential development only, you do not just need to apply for building plan approval, but you also need to apply for property rezoning. Thus, you will be required to pay fees for both rezoning and building approval separately. In this case if your rezoning application is rejected, you can’t proceed with building on the said property.

The reverse scenario is also possible. If you intend to build a residential facility (house, flat, apartment, lodge etc.) on property meant for commercial, entertainment, educational or industrial use, you have to submit a rezoning application first. There are many other types of applications that you have to make before you reach the building plan submission stage. These fall under town planning applications. Basically, if you want to make changes, modify, remove restrictions and relax certain portions of existing town planning regulations and schemes applying to a specific zone or area, you have to submit an application for consideration and pay the applicable fees prior to submitting a construction plan application.

Types of Town Planning Applications in South Africa :

The following are types of town planning applications that home owners, property developers, builders, architects, investors or any citizen may make in South Africa:

Rezoning Application Fees

Zoning regulations control the type of developments that can be made within a specific area in the city, town or district. In other words, no developments shall be made in a specific zone if they are not in line with the designated purpose of the land as defined in the land use scheme governing that area. A prospective property owner who intends to construct a building or structure that is  exempt from the land use scheme and regulations has to apply for a special waiver or exclusive rights known as a rezoning application. A rezoning approval for your proposed construction project doesn’t mean the zone is now open for building developments that were previously disallowed or restricted. It simply means the zoning of your property has changed. The area or suburb in which your property is located is still under the same original zone. When your rezoning application is approved and the property is built, and in case you want to add more developments, you will be required to submit individual applications for these additional developments. These additional developments are approved under a different license which is not rezoning.

Rezoning Application Fees – South Africa
Rezoning Application Fees in South Africa – Graph

Consent Use Application Fees

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