Two Level Duplex House with Chimney and Patio – By Brazilian Architects

Two Level Duplex House with Chimney and Patio – By Brazilian Architects

Duplex House with Chimney


A two-storey dual occupancy house with chimney, front patio/ verandah and gables at both ends. The double-sided pitch roof is covered with corrugated metal sheets. The duplex residence has two dwellings separated by a common wall.

Ground Floor

Each residential unit has a front porch also called a verandah, which also functions as a main entrance. The façade has a double-pane window and a smaller window in the porch area. Although the design depicts a house close to the main road, the dwelling can be positioned in an area with a large front yard, to accommodate space for parking or driveway. The externals are finished with plaster rendering and paint. The ground floor has its own roof, which is a sloping corrugated metal profile. A wide brick chimney traversing from the ground to the upper floor roof, provides a passage for smoke from the living room fireplace. In winter, you can save electricity by using firewood, in place of air conditioning.

First Floor

Bedrooms are probably located on the upper floor. This floor has its own roof, a gabled double-pitch roof with corrugated metal sheeting. There are windows which provide a vantage point for viewing the outdoor environment.

Category – This is a middle income house, ideal for the city or countryside where a chimney is required for non-electrified locations.

Estimated Construction Cost – AU$1,320 per square metre.

Location – Brazil

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