Greenworks vs Ego Lawnmowers | Specifications and Features Comparison

Greenworks vs Ego Lawnmowers

Greenworks and EGO are two popular brands of lawnmowers that you can choose from if you want to keep your lawn trim or cut grass that has grown wild in your yard. But before we delve into these two popular lawnmower brands, we should clear some confusion around these brand names.

Is Greenworks and Ego the same company?

Greenworks and EGO are two different companies, both with headquarters in the USA and manufacturing plants in China. Greenworks was founded in Canada by Yin Chen under the name Global Tools Group, and Chervon the parent company of EGO Power Plus was founded by Peter Pan and his two partners in China.

Globe Group Greenworks Tools

Globe Group Greenworks Tools

Who owns Greenworks?

Greenworks also known as Greenworks Tools is a company specializing in the manufacture of battery-powered/electric outdoor equipment and tools for lawn care, gardening, landscaping maintenance, groundworks, forestry and agriculture. They produce a range of machinery and tools for commercial and residential use, small-scale and large-scale green maintenance. The idea behind Greenworks engineering is promoting eco-friendly green maintenance tools by eliminating the use of gas-powered equipment which pollutes the atmosphere. Greenworks lawnmowers not only meet this need, but they are also designed with noise pollution reduction in mind and ease of use. Greenworks lawnmowers are known for their quiet electric engines and cordless design.

The company headquarters are located in Mooresville (500 South Main St, Cotton Mill Complex) in the state of North Carolina, USA. Up to 5000 people are employed by Greenworks comprising the workforce (80%) located in China and the remainder (20%) in other parts of the world. Greenworks has its origins in Canada dating back to 2004 under a different name. The company was founded by Yin Chen, the major shareholder and CEO of the Globe Tools Group. Yin Chen an advocate of battery-powered outdoor equipment, started the company out of a need to find a suitable environmentally-friendly alternative to gas lawnmowers. The Globe Tools Group started off by making its first cordless string trimmer in 2007 before launching the Greenworks brand in 2009. Among the products that Greenworks has released since 2011 are the 40V Cordless Mower, 80V Mowers, 60V Mowers, 82V ZTR Cordless Mowers and the 60V Gen ll Mowers.

Is Greenworks Made in USA?

Like many American firms looking to make their products affordable to the masses, Greenworks has a 240,000 square metre manufacturing plant in China with a 4000-strong workforce. The plant is located in the city of Changzhou (3-4 65 Xinggang Avenue, Zhonglou Zone),Jiangsu Province, China.

Greenworks lawnmowers are found in all major warehouses and hardware retailers such as Lowes, HomeDepot, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Menards, Costco and Alibaba.

Chervon Group EGO Power Plus

Chervon Group EGO Power Plus

Who owns EGO Power Tools?

EGO is a competitor to Greenworks, specializing in the production of cordless battery-powered tools and machinery for green maintenance, gardening, forestry, lawn and landscape maintenance, including patented ARC Lithium batteries which are compatible with universal use.

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