Top 5 BIM Quantity Takeoff Software – 3D Model Based Estimating Solutions


Virtual 3D Model of House

Virtual 3D Model of House

BIM is a process that allows members of the project team to collaborate on the design elements of a 3D architectural model via a computer virtual platform. Architects, engineers, planners and the construction team have to analyze the digital model and provide their technical expertise with a goal of conforming their inputs in relation to the model, specifications, regulations and other fields of expertise which are part of the project as a whole. BIM allows incompatible elements across the model to be rectified before building commences, thus saving the client a lot of money and reducing disputes which normally arise during the construction phase. In this regard BIM may be used as a tool to assess the feasibility of a project in the planning/design stage, because it allows the project team to have a walkthrough inside the virtual model and inspect the elements.

Quantity surveyors are also part of the project team, and their major concern is the cost of the project. Fortunately, BIM does not need an estimator to measure and quantify the building elements. The virtual software does this automatically, through automatic take-off of the project 3D Model geometrics. However, when a quantifying function or auto-measurement capability is not included on BIM software, you have to look for construction quantity takeoff software that allows integration with BIM.

There are a few top BIM Quantity Takeoff software that you can find on the market because BIM is a new concept that is gradually gaining momentum in the construction industry, especially with government projects, for example in the UK (United Kingdom), BIM has been adopted by the government due to its ability to reduce costs, increase value and cut project delivery time. Indeed, a lot of time is saved because a large part of BIM is identifying issues and resolving them, which allows smooth delivery and increased productivity.


The following is a list of some of the best building quantity take-off software that can integrate with BIM:

CostX BIM Quantity Takeoff

CostX by Exactal

CostX is a construction digital takeoff software that can be integrated with BIM to automatically produce quantities. The software is developed by and the company has seven specialized CostX products to choose from. Some of these products for example CostX 2D and CostX Takeoff 2D, can only work with 2D digital drawings. CostX and CostX Takeoff are capable of working with BIM and 3D models. CostX Takeoff will only take you as far as taking off quantities, but the deal is that it’s done automatically. If you want advanced BIM estimating software with full BIM capabilities and powerful features such as Auto-Revise and 3D model quantity take-off, then CostX is the product to choose. There is a bonus for college and university students – instead of getting the commercial version, you should download the educational version which is free to use for 3 years.

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