Double Storey Duplex House Front Elevation – Design Plans, Brazil

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Double Storey Duplex House Front Elevation – Design Plans, Brazil

Double Storey Duplex House – Casas Geminadas


Two storey duplex house with flat parapet roof, plastered and painted brickwork , facebrick/stonework ornamentation, patio and balcony.

Ground Floor

This is the front elevation of a two-storey duplex house produced by a Brazilian architect. The front entrance of the dwelling consists of a single door, approximately 900 x 2100mm high and a window approximately 600 x 1100mm high. The front door leads to a patio / verandah with a suitable floor finish ( e.g.smooth granolithic screed or porcelain tiles). Each dwelling unit has its own car park situated in front of the building.

First Floor

Definitely, there is an internal staircase to the first floor. A balcony which spans the whole length of the façade gives residents an outdoor space for relaxation, as well as an unhindered view of the streets. The external walls are plastered and painted, and wide strips of face brickwork or stone cladding have been included for decorative purposes.

The duplex house units are located within an enclosed community protected by boundary walls.

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Category – Middle Income House

Estimated Building Cost – AU$1530 per square meter

Location – Brazil

Architects – To see more details about this house plan, visit Casas Geminadas

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