How to Choose a Tiny House for Your Needs – Single Level vs. Two Level Dwellings

How to Choose a Tiny House for Your Needs – Single Level vs. Two Level Dwellings

Modern Prefab Tiny House – by Avava Systems – San Fransisco, USA

Tiny houses are popular, not only in the USA, but in Europe as well. The low cost of building or buying a tiny house is what makes it attractive to most people in the middle and low class. This type of dwelling can be as comfortable as a traditional brick-and-mortar house, depending on how it is designed, manufactured, furnished and finished. There are professionally built small houses with standard and high-end specifications. Living in such a home will make you feel like you are in a 4 star hotel room or lodge. With that said, there certain considerations that you have to take into account when choosing a tiny house

It’s easy to be hooked by a good looking interior and exterior, but before you close the deal with the property agent or contractor, you have to see that the property meets your requirements. The following are some of the things that you have to look at:

No of Storeys

Like a standard home, a tiny house may be single level or multi-level. It’s very hard to find tiny dwellings with more than two levels or floors. If you are purchasing a home, you will most likely see those with one or two levels.

Single Level Tiny House – This is a good choice for people who don’t like climbing stairs or ladders to reach the upper level. In a house with small kids and the elderly, stairs are much better than ladders for safety’s sake, but a single level home where all rooms are on the ground floor is the best. In this house, the kitchen, living room, bath/shower and bedrooms are on the ground floor, so you don’t need to climb stairs.

Two Level Tiny House – In a tiny home with two levels, the upper level which is usually a loft is reserved for sleeping, so it’s often used as a bedroom. You have to climb the steps to go to bed. The lower level will have spaces for the kitchen, lounge and bath/shower. If there are more than two bedrooms, the second bedroom will be on the lower level.

The disadvantages of a two-level house is that the upper bedroom doesn’t have enough standing room for an adult, so you have stay low all the time, which means you will either be sitting, lying down or crouching if you need to stand up.

The second disadvantage is that some of these tiny houses have a ladder instead of a staircase or steps to climb up to the upper floor. A ladder is not a safe tool or structure for accessing heights, especially in a day situation like home living.

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