5 Best Pictures of Tiny Houses That You Would Like To Live In – House Plans for Under $100

5 Best Pictures of Tiny Houses That You Would Like To Live In – House Plans for Under $100

A tiny house is a small house that is usually built with prefabricated units or elements for speedy construction and cost-saving purposes. Tiny houses are popular for many reasons – the cost of living in the city is expensive, at least 30 to 50% of your salary is spent on rent. Buying a standard home is a struggle for many people who have to rely on mortgage loans.

Tiny houses are much cheaper to build or acquire than standard homes. The U.S. Census Bureau has estimated that the average cost of a traditional house is at least $300,000. This is the amount you should save if you need a standard home, whereas the minimum cost of building or buying a tiny house is $20,000.You will find many small homes below this value, but they are usually the budget type with basic features.

The cost of a fully featured and professionally built tiny home (the middle class type) is from $25,000 to $60,000. A luxurious tiny home with high-end specifications starts at $150,000.

The following tiny dwellings have a good looking exterior and interior, fully furnished with built-in cupboards, wardrobes and cabinets. The interior layout offers creative and maximum use of space with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom floors well defined. The minimalist style gives an atmosphere of space to occupants. You won’t feel like you are staying in a confined space. Architectural plans are available for these homes, in case you want to build your own home:

Doris Jean Tiny House

This two-storey house is built from timber framed walls, floors and ceilings. The exterior wall cladding is partly timber boarding and corrugated steel sheets covering half the wall height to the roof. The pitch-profiled roof is also corrugated steel. The exterior includes gables with windows on both ends to let in sunlight and fresh air into the upper level floor. Lower floor windows are much bigger. The back entry has a 4-panel profiled door and the front-entry consists of balustraded timber steps which lead to a wide two-panel glazed door which can be opened to form a porch.

This two-bedroom house has a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are on the ground floor. The second bedroom is on the upper level. What you may not readily notice about this house is that it’s a mobile home with wheels that are cleverly concealed when the house is on location.

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