WinQS Estimating Software for Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Engineers

WinQS Quantity Surveying Software

WinQS Quantity Surveying Software

WinQS is a construction cost estimating program for professional Quantity Surveyors, Estimators and Cost Engineers. Before the era of desktop estimating software, consulting firms used to prepare Bills of Quantities on Excel sheets, which was quite a tedious and time-consuming exercise. Nowadays, you have computer software like WinQS which can increase your productive output. The on-screen take-off technology makes measurement and bill preparation an easy task that can be completed within a short time.

WinQS allows an estimator to enter measurements quickly on the take-off interface without requiring to create columns, rows, formulas and formatting as you would on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The estimating program saves time and it eliminates a lot of errors encountered in traditional spreadsheet bills.

If you are a construction consultant who is involved in the management of construction costs, you should know that building a house, office block, commercial property or government building is not a one-time task, but a long process that starts with planning the budget (cost estimate), and ends with negotiating the final contract amount.

WinQS has seven modules that you can use on each phase of the contract. The most important modules are the Estimating, Bill Production, Progress Valuations, Cost Report and Payment modules. Let’s see how these modules function:

Cost Estimate

During the design stage, the architect works with the client to produce a sketch design that represents the main features required by the client. At this stage, there isn’t enough information to prepare a detailed Bill of Quantities, so the Quantity Surveyor has to prepare a Cost Estimate for budgeting purposes. This Cost Plan has to be within range with the actual project cost, so the rates should be derived from combined Bill items.

WinQS does not have a structured estimate format, which can be an advantage because it allows you to create any type of cost estimate based on Building Elements, Work Groups, Activities or Approximate Quantities.  So you are not only limited to the Elemental format, which is the most preferred method of estimating. The software doesn’t come with any pre-installed Estimating Guides that you can choose from, but you can create a user-defined library.

The WinQS estimating module allows you to:

Edit Item Descriptions

You can edit items in the description column, to match your project specifications. In most cases, Estimators will rather edit a previous project than build a new project from scratch which is time consuming. A new project will require you to import a lot of item descriptions, but when projects are similar in scope and specifications, it’s much more convenient to edit a past project.

Link Items to Bills of Quantity (BOQ)

The major items in a Cost Estimate are a combination of Bill items, so the rate is an all-inclusive rate that takes into account the individual prices of Bill items. Linking the two is a logical approach if you are to produce an accurate cost estimate. WinQS can link Cost Plan items to Bill items. This allows you to track the base prices in the rate build up.

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