Why QSPlus is Better than WinQS – Construction Estimating Software

Advantages of QSPlus vs WinQS – Construction Estimating Software

Choosing the best construction estimating / quantity surveying software for your needs can be a difficult process if you have never used estimating software in your projects, but it becomes easy when you have tried at least two advanced programs. It’s easy to become comfortable with the first software you have mastered, but if you are reluctant to move out of your comfort zone, you may miss some useful features that other software has to offer.


If you have used the WinQS estimating program, then you are not going to be overwhelmed when you log into the QSPlus estimating program for the first time. Both programs use DimX, a digital dimension sheet for capturing takeoffs and measurements. The user-interface for these two programs is quite different but it will take you less time to figure out the features, the concept is basically the same. However, for someone who is just starting, QSPlus offers an intuitive interface. There are many more areas where QSPlus beats WinQS. Let’s take a look at some of these areas:

Customer Support

QSPlus has excellent customer support from the download process to the purchase and user stage. The download process is straightforward, you visit NDTec Store, register an account, then download QSPlus. All modules including the price are displayed, so you can log into your account anytime and purchase without a hassle. The QSPlus file is 298MB, but it contains everything that you need for smooth installation and work e.g. Microsoft Access database and pre-installed libraries. Once you install QSPlus on your computer, the program also installs a Quick Support app which you can click to access live support with TeamViewer. The support staff will help you with technical issues via TeamViewer.

The process of downloading WinQS is frustrating from the beginning. You have to submit an online form to access the download, but apparently there is no admin on the receiving end to give you a password, so you will never get a password until you email them directly. They will send you a PDF containing the password and installation instructions. The WinQS file is 144MB. Unlike the QSPlus file which comes with a single EXE file, the WinQS Zip file has two separate folders – one for Microsoft SQL server and the other for WinQS program. Also, there are no pre-installed libraries. The separation of folders may present problems for those who have no time for reading the installation manual. Installing the program before the SQL server will cause the program to malfunction.

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