QS Plus vs WinQS – Which is the Best Software for Preparing Cost Estimates, Bills of Quantities and Valuations? – Building Construction

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QS Plus and WinQS are both widely used software for construction cost estimating and quantity surveying. In this review, we are going to compare the two programs and outline their differences and capabilities. Both programs are developed by reputable software companies based in South Africa, and the client base includes international customers. The main features of each estimating software is outlined in the comparison table below:

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FeaturesQS PlusWinQS
  • Cost Plan/ Estimating
  • Bill Production [Module is also capable of Tender Analysis and Elemental Cost Analysis]
  • Valuations [ Module is also capable of Payment Certificates]
  • Final Account
  • Cost Plan/Estimating
  • Bill Production
  • Tender Analysis
  • Cost Analysis [cost per m2 based on Estimator defined groupings]
  • Valuations
  • Cost Report
  • Payments
Cost EstimatesQS Plus has a specialized, well structured, comprehensive and clearly defined Elemental Estimate module.WinQS uses a general bill structure that requires build up effort, but you can build any type of estimate.
QS Plus has three pre-installed Estimating Guides – ASAQS, RICS and CSI Uniformat.No pre-installed Estimating Guides
Link Cost Estimate to Bill ItemsLink Cost Estimate to Bill Items
Auto Rate Build upAuto Rate Build up
Edit Rate Build upEdit Rate Build up
Insert Rates DirectlyInsert Rates Directly
Convert Elemental Cost Estimate to BOQAutomatically Generate BOQ from Cost Estimate as you work
Enter Measurements on Screen: QS Plus is powered by DimensionX on-screen take off technology.Enter Measurements on Screen: WinQS is powered by DimensionX on-screen take off technology.
 Edit Item DescriptionsEdit Item Descriptions
Forced automatic global back up of WinQS projects every week.
Bills of QuantitiesASAQS, SMM7, POMI, CSI Masterformat and CPWD DSR Libraries.ASAQS and JBCC-2004 Preliminaries Library
DimensionX Take off screenDimensionX Take off screen
Convert Elemental Estimate to BOQAutomatically Generate BOQ from Linked Cost Estimate
Automatically take off dimensions from AutoCAD 2D & 3D drawings.Automatically take off dimensions from AutoCAD 2D & 3D drawings.
Automatically Generate BOQ from AutoCAD 3D drawings
Take off dimensions from Revit Drawings with DimensionX.
Forced automatic global back up of WinQS projects every week.
Measurement Groups and Linking Associated ItemsMeasurement Groups and Linking Associated Items
Bill Audit – Record Keeping of All Bill Entries & Changes.
Apply a Set of Rates to Existing and New Project.
Forced automatic global back up of WinQS projects every week.
Link Bill Items to Elemental Estimate / Cost PlanLink Bill Items to Cost Estimate / Cost Plan
Customize Bill Layout.Customize Bill Layout. Hide Bills, Items and Dimensions
Preview Dimension Sheet by Selected Parameters.Preview Dimension Sheet by Selected Parameters.
Import Bills and Bill Items from Another Project ( Including Dimensions and Rates)Copy Bills, Items and Dimensions from Another Project.
Create Bills Based on Locations, Sections and GroupsCreate Bills Based on Locations, Sections and Groups
Insert Bill Items From LibraryAdd Items From Library
View Bill as Elemental Cost PlanCost Analysis – Project Groupings in Cost Per Area
Preview BillsPreview Bills
Convert Bills to Blank Bills in Excel Format
Convert Priced Bills to PDF
ValuationsPrepare Monthly ValuationsPrepare Monthly Valuations
Valuations Based on Assigned Percentage, Budget Allocation and Individual Items (valued by percentage, quantity and/or amount to date)Valuations Based on Trades, Programme of Work Activities, Elements, Groups or Estimator defined groupings.
Calculate Progress Payments by Percentage, Quantity or Item Value.Calculate Progress Payments by Percentage, Quantity or Item Value.
FREEZE Contract Bill Data to Allow Ongoing Final Account Measurements.LOCK and SAVE Contract Bill (Quantities and Rates) on Activating Valuations Module to Allow Ongoing Final Account Measurements.
Certificates Report, Recovery StatementsCertificates Report, Recovery Statements
Process Subcontractor Bills (e.g. Package Bills)
Final AccountEnter Measurements and Re-measurements Including Prices.
Final Account Linked to BOQ
View Final Account in Elemental Estimate Format
DimensionX Take off screen
Print Final Account as Bill of Remeasurements or Schedule of Additions and Omissions.
Software InstallationCan only be used on your computer. Commercial Version is licensed to a computer.

Minimum System Requirements – Windows 7 Professional / Business