QS Plus Estimating Software for Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Engineers

QS Plus

QS Plus Quantity Surveying Software

QS Plus or QS+ is cost estimating software for Quantity Surveyors and Consulting Construction Estimators. This advanced software is for professional estimators and it allows you to prepare detailed Bills of Quantities, Cost Plans (Estimates), Valuations and the Final Account.

With this software, you will be able to enter take-off quantities in a convenient and logical manner that allows you to work faster and increase your productivity.

QS Plus has four modules that a Quantity Surveyor will need in carrying out office paperwork as well as accounting for progressive work done on site. The four modules in the program can be seen as stages in the financial management of a construction project. Every building project starts with cost estimating and ends with a final account. The modules in QS+ represent the phases of a project as follows:

  1. Cost Planning/ Estimating
  2. Bill Production
  3. Valuations
  4. Final Account


QS Plus Elemental Cost Plan

QS Plus Elemental Cost Plan

Produce Cost Plans/Estimates

QS Plus has a module to measure and determine the cost of an architect’s preliminary sketch designs. This is called a cost plan or cost estimate. The program uses a format based on the Elemental method of estimating to find out the estimated cost of a proposed construction project.

An Elemental estimate is composed of the main elements of a building which are broken down into elemental items at the detail level. Thus when you open the estimating program, you should find a sample building project in elemental format. This is a basic template that you have to use to create a new project based on the architect’s specifications.

Depending on the measurement guide or rules that are recommended by the Association of Quantity Surveyors in your region, the software comes with three measurement guides that you can choose from. You can choose between the ASAQS, RICS and CSI Uniformat guides to Elemental Cost Estimating.

So what are the main features of the QS+ cost plan?

The following are some of the main features of the Cost Plan that you will appreciate as you become familiar with the program:

Ability to Edit Elemental Item Description

QS+ has a ready to use estimating template that you can modify according to your needs and project specifications. Each Elemental item in the cost analysis has component details that you can edit to put the correct descriptions and data. For example, you can edit the material specifications – type of finishes, windows, doors, sizes of concrete footings, columns and bases etc to reflect information from current drawings.

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