QSPlus Deducting Openings from Walls and Finishes – “And-On” Feature

Using the “And-On” Feature on QSPlus for Deducting Openings

“And-On” Dimension Slip

When measuring Brickwork and Wall Finishes in an Elemental Estimate or Bills of Quantities, you measure the Gross Quantity, that is you don’t make adjustments for openings (windows, doors etc.)

After you have finished measuring the items, you have to return to the Estimate to make adjustments for openings. Adjustments for openings are usually done as the last thing on your Measuring List. The QSPlus Estimating Program has an And-On feature that allows you to make adjustments for openings. This feature is available on both the Cost Plan and Bill Production modules. To use this feature on the Cost Plan module, follow the steps below:

  1. On QSPlus Menu, click the Cost Plan tab and select Cost Plan Datasheet.
  2. Highlight the item you want to make adjustments for. In most building projects, you need to make adjustments for openings (windows and doors) on the External Envelope. As an example, we are going to make deductions for openings on Wall Finishes (item: Plaster and PVA paint)
  3. To access the And-On feature, click the And-On tab on the secondary top menu immediately above the items. You can also double-click the item to access the Dimension Slip, where you will find the And-On tab on the top right hand corner.

“And-On” feature

  1. In the And-On slip, select the SourceID. This allows you to access the measured items in the Dimension Slip. In this case, your SourceID is the opening(s) that you want to deduct from the Wall Finishes. Select the Windows and Doors one at a time. To deduct the items, make sure that you add a Minus sign in the timesing column, i.e. (-1). You will get a negative quantity that is automatically deducted from the Wall Finishes.

“And-On” Dim Slip – Selecting SourceID

  1. Click OK in the bottom right hand corner to close the And-On slip.
  2. When you return to the Cost Plan Datasheet, you will see an adjusted quantity for Wall Finishes.
  3. Apply the steps above to make adjustments for openings in Brickwork.