How To Build a Pergola Including Cost of Building a Timber Pergola


How To Build a Pergola

Cost of Building a Pergola


Cost To Build a Pergola

3D design / drawing – Timber Pergola with precast concrete paving blocks

The cost of building a pergola depends on the materials used. The structure can be timber, steel, reinforced concrete or a combination of these. However, regardless of which materials are used, the construction cost is not going to break your bank because this is a simple structure and small in size. A few materials are needed and one man can finish building the structure in a day.

The traditional Italian pergola was an ornamental outdoor structure situated in the garden. It was a shade with four posts, and roof made of beams and rafters to allow for climbing plants. As the plants grew, they would cover the roof, providing a natural shade. Free standing pergolas are built in the garden. However, you can also have pergolas which are attached to the house, occupying the patio area.

What is the purpose of a pergola? As you may have guessed, it provides a shaded outdoor area to relax and rest. It’s a good place to sit during hot mornings and afternoons. It can be a quiet place to rewind if it’s located in the garden or backyard.

Modern pergolas are not necessarily square or rectangular in aerial plan. They can also be triangular, circular, hexagonal or octagonal in shape. It’s important to note that no roof covering is required for a traditional pergola, although some modern pergola designs may feature roofs with thatch, aluminium, tin, fibreglass or polycarbonate sheets. The structural frame may be vinyl, aluminium or architectural grade laminated saligna timber beams.

A free-standing pergola will have four posts, either timber, steel or reinforced concrete columns. Beams and rafters are going to be timber or steel. The floor can either be natural ground with lawn, timber board/deck, precast concrete roadstone paving, clay brick pavers, natural stone or cast-in-situ concrete pad.

Cost Estimate for Building a Timber Pergola


Construction of New Pergola


1 EARTHWORKS – $296.00


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