Two Level Duplex House with Flat Roof and Balcony – by PlantaPronta, Brazil

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Two Level Duplex House with Flat Roof and Balcony – by PlantaPronta, Brazil

Duplex House by PlantaPronta, Brazil


A duplex house with a modern square architectural profile, flat parapet roof, balcony and driveway. The property is divided by a common brickwall.

Ground Floor

A driveway with alternate green and paved areas, allows the tenant to park their car in front of the house. The façade has a single door, approximate size 900x2100mm high, and a double-pane window, approximate size 2000x650mm high. The external wall is rendered and painted with the exception of the middle part of the middle part of the façade, which is made up of decorative stonework/facebrick.First Floor

A flat parapet roof with wide fascias and eaves board envelopes the building. There is a reinforced steel balcony with steel balustrades, spanning the whole length of the bedroom or living. The room facing the balcony has a big opening for a glazed double door or sliding door of approximate size 2600x2100mm high. Externals walls are finished with rendering and paint.

Category – This is a middle to high income house.

Estimated Construction Cost – AU$1,530 per square metre.

Location – Brazil

Architects –  To find out more about this house plan, visit the designers at PlantaPronta

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