Double Storey Duplex House with Facebricks, Garage and Private Yard – Australia

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Double Storey Duplex House with Facebricks, Garage and Private Yard – Australia

Duplex House – Australia


A two-storey dual occupancy house with hipped roof, enclosed garage, patio, driveway and boundary walls. The dwelling units are separated by a common wall.

Ground Floor

Each dwelling unit has its own front and backyard which is enclosed by a boundary wall to offer privacy and security. A paved driveway leads to a private garage that is built within the house. Adjacent to the driveway is a spacious area with lawn, offering a spot for relaxation under the weather. The front patio offers a sheltered open air space. LED lights placed along the lawn and driveway provide lighting for the night. The front elevation consists of a 5-panel glazed door, approximate size 900x2100mm high, which leads to the lounge, and a window, about 1000x1650mm high. External walls are facebricks. The ground floor has its own roof which is separate from the upper floor.

First Floor

The upper floor structure is like a projection coming out of the lower roof. The front elevation has a large double-pane window, approximate size 1600x1100mm high, and a smaller window, about 450x1100mm high.

Category – This is a large Middle to High Income House.

Estimated Building Cost – AU$1920 per square meter

Location – Australia

Architects – To find out more about this house plan, visit G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

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