22 Types of Companies That a Construction Estimator Can Work For

22 Types of Employers That Recruit Construction Cost Estimators / Quantity Surveyors

A Construction Estimator in the USA also known as a Quantity Surveyor in the UK can work for a wide variety of companies and organizations in different types of industries. The role of a Building estimator is planning, calculating and managing the construction costs of a project. Professional Construction Estimators get their educational qualifications from colleges and universities around the world. Their practical training and experience is obtained from internships and employment with a diverse range of companies.

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A company that an Estimator works for does not necessarily need to be a construction firm or building contractor. A recently graduated job seeker can work for a consulting firm that specializes in construction estimation for clients. This type of consultancy firm is known as a Quantity Surveying firm in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There are local professional bodies in your country that you have to join and pass their exams if you want to practice as a Professional Quantity Surveyor or Estimator. In the USA, you have to pass exams by the American Society of Professional Estimators(ASPE)if you want to be a certified professional estimator.


If you live in the UK ( or British Commonwealth country) and aspiring to be an internationally recognized professional QS ,you can take your resume to further heights by writing the exams for an international body like theRoyal Institute of Chartered Quantity Surveyors(RICS).


As you will realize as you browse the list below, the options of employment for a Construction Estimator are very wide. While the usual employment channel for a traditional estimator is working for a building contractor or government, the modern estimator can work for hundreds of unlikely organizations and firms:


Building Contractor


Building contractors employ Estimators to handle the bidding process, prepare bid documents, price bills and manage the project costs throughout the contract period. An Estimator handles claims and disputes arising between the parties. He or she is responsible for monitoring work in progress, measuring work and materials on site and requesting payment when valuations are done. A professional estimator will help the construction company to be successful in securing tenders through accurate pricing. A contractor’s estimator works in liaison with the client’s estimator, making agreements, addendums and query lists.


Construction Estimation Consultancy / Quantity Surveying Firm


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