List of the Best Quantity Surveying Courses and Universities in the World – How to Choose the Right Curricular Programme

Quantity Surveying Universities

10 Best Quantity Surveying Universities with a Rich and Well-Rounded Curriculum

Are you looking for the best quantity surveying course? There are many universities and colleges offering the course, but is the course broad enough and does it cover some essential subjects that are required in the construction industry? A well rounded and balanced quantity surveying course is essential if one is looking to be a competent quantity surveyor or estimator. A quick look at the curriculum of some Quantity Surveying courses available on the internet might confuse you a bit. One can’t help but notice that there are major differences between the course structure. The curriculum differs between various universities and technical colleges. A review of QS courses offered by universities shows that “no two quantity surveying courses are the same” although they might share the same disciplinary title, study level, mode and faculty.

With this state of affairs, you should not rush to enrol for a QS course just because it is offered at your favourite institution, the tuition fees are affordable or the entry level requirements are low. A student who intends to get high quality education should invest in the right course. There are two kinds of QS courses:

1) A course that focuses on measurement, estimating, documentation, commercial aspects, costing, management, contract administration, contract law, economics and financial aspects.

2) A course that focuses on the above subjects plus subjects that are essential in the construction industry. These are:

  • Building Drawing and Design
  • Construction Technology
  • Building/Construction Materials
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Facility Management
  • Building Environmental Science
  • Construction/Site Surveying
  • Engineering Mathematics and Statistics
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Theory of Structures
  • GeoTechnical Engineering

When you are choosing a course, make sure that you are enrolling for option 2. Check to see that it’s a complete curriculum that does not only equip you with commercial knowledge but with construction, engineering and design knowledge too. Of course, you are not going to be a Civil Engineer, Architect, Construction Technician or Land Surveyor by taking the above-mentioned construction and engineering subjects, but you will get some essential knowledge that will help you understand the construction process and built environment much better than someone who specialized in commercial subjects.

Top 10 Universities with Best Quantity Surveying Courses

The following is a list of 10 universities that offer a rich, full and balanced quantity surveying course that includes technical subjects such as Building Design/CAD, Construction Technology, Building Materials, Building Services, Building Science, Site/Building Surveying, Soil Mechanics and Mathematics:

Loughborough University (LU)

BSc (Hon) – Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying

Duration – 3 year undergraduate study programme accredited by RICS and CICES

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