What Is The Average Section Size In New Zealand?

In recent years, the average section size in New Zealand has been a topic of interest for many homebuyers and property enthusiasts. As the country’s population continues to grow and urban areas expand, the demand for housing has increased, leading to changes in the size and affordability of sections. This article explores the current state of section sizes in New Zealand, drawing insights from various sources and industry experts.

The Shrinking Size of an Auckland Property Section

According to a report by the New Zealand Herald, the average size of a property section in Auckland has been steadily decreasing over the years. In the 1950s, the typical section size was around 1,000 square meters (quarter acre), but today, it has shrunk to an average of just 450 square meters. This trend is largely attributed to the increasing population density in Auckland and the need to accommodate more housing within the city limits.

The article also highlights the impact of this trend on property prices. As section sizes decrease, the cost per square meter has risen significantly, making it more challenging for first-time homebuyers to enter the market. Additionally, the smaller section sizes have led to a shift in housing preferences, with many buyers opting for low-maintenance properties such as apartments and townhouses.

The Toughest Place to Find a Quarter Acre Plot in NZ

OneRoof, a leading property website in New Zealand, reports that finding a quarter acre plot (1,000 square meters) has become increasingly difficult, especially in the country’s major cities. The article identifies Auckland as the toughest place to find a quarter acre section, with only 5% of the city’s residential land consisting of plots this size or larger.

Other cities, such as Wellington and Christchurch, also face similar challenges, with quarter acre sections becoming a rarity. The article suggests that this trend is likely to continue as urban intensification becomes more prevalent and land prices continue to rise.

Size of New Homes Declining While Cost of Building Them Keeps Going

Interest.co.nz, a financial news website, reports that the average size of new homes in New Zealand has been declining in recent years, while the cost of building them continues to increase. According to data from Statistics New Zealand, the average floor area of new homes has decreased by 21% since 2010, dropping from 200 square meters to 158 square meters in 2020.

The article attributes this trend to several factors, including the rising cost of land, construction materials, and labor. As a result, developers and homebuyers are opting for smaller, more affordable homes to manage costs. The article also notes that the decline in home sizes is more pronounced in urban areas, where land is scarce and expensive.

Housing in New Zealand

Wikipedia provides an overview of housing in New Zealand, including information on the average section size. The article states that the traditional quarter acre section (1,000 square meters) was once the norm for residential properties in the country. However, as urban areas have grown and land has become more scarce, section sizes have decreased significantly.

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