5 Tools for Efficient Construction Project Management

As a project manager, one is primarily at the helm of affairs of any project being handled at the time and beyond being a job title, it is a responsibility that is entrusted into the hands of someone who is believed to be capable of planning, directing, managing, executing and evaluating ideas and projects.

A project manager is one who wears many hats at once.  He is the chief of operations; he oversees the entry and exit of every element concerning a construction project. He is the middleman between the client and the execution team and as such, establishes fluent and effective communication internally and externally.

Roles of a Project Manager

As a project manager, you are saddled with the responsibility to control every single factor concerning the project in question. Some of these factors include but are not limited to:


Every team is made up of people with similar visions and goals irrespective of their training, ethnicity or specialization. However, the driving goal is not enough to direct the team hence the need for a project manager. The project manager must group every member of the team into functional sub-teams with a team lead to spearhead the operations of the team. The team lead only takes instructions from the project manager and can be dissolved if the satisfaction is not achieved.


What is a project without funds? As the funds come in, the project manager is supposed to stand at the door to receive them, record them, allocate them and track their expenditure. If the funds are to be distributed, then it is the project manager who decides what the distribution process would entail.


For any project to be effectively completed, the construction has to start from the ground-up. In line with this, the project is divided into smaller units to be achieved by the sub-team in charge. Before it gets to the sub-team, it first has to go through the project manager. As a matter of fact, it is the project manager who delegates smaller projects to sub-teams and decides who leads the team.


As planning is ongoing, it is only normal to store all data in soft or hard copies. These and all other documents pertaining to the construction are to be kept in the custody of the project manager or in the custody of someone who answers directly to the project manager. If anything should go wrong with any of the documents, the project manager is to be held accountable.


Regardless of the project being handled, certain materials must be used to achieve desirable results. These materials may be hardware or software but whatever form they come in, it is the sole responsibility of the project manager to ensure safe entry and utilization of the materials.

Looking at all the responsibilities outlined, the role of a project manager may seem like a herculean task but with proper planning, management, and the tools that would be further described below, anyone at all can be an amazing manager. The tools include;

  • GanttPRO;
  • Buildertrend;
  • ProCore;
  • HeavyJob;
  • BIM 360.

GanttPRO (with management templates)


Price: For personal projects, a fee of $15 would be billed every month. For team projects requiring up to 5 users, $7.90 would be paid for every user and larger projects having up to 10 members would cost $6.90 per user.

Free trial offer: New users have a 14-day free trial window with no credit card required to validate their registration.

GanttPRO is a multi-award-winning online software for project management. It uses Gantt charts to help project managers map out goals, track tasks, and evaluate progress.

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