How To Build an RC Track in your Backyard for a Challenging Racing Experience – Including Track Barriers, Jumps and Tunnels

How To Build a Challenging and Aesthetically Appealing  RC Track in your Backyard (With Sketch Drawings)


How To Build a Backyard RC Track

RC Track Dimensions and Design

Site Preparation

Setting Out Track Lines and Curves with Marker Pins

Building the RC Racing Track

Building Elevated Ground on your RC Track (Dirt Jumps, Hill Climbs and Rising Slopes)

RC Track Barriers

RC Track Jump Design

RC Track Drive-Through Tunnel

RC Wet Track

Sketch Drawing 14 – Aesthetic and Challenging Backyard RC Track Racing Course for Model Cars

If driving an RC is one of your favourite hobbies or pastimes, then you would want to build a racing track in your backyard to drive your RC car or truck. What does RC stand for? The acronym stands for Remote Control or Radio Controlled. These trucks come in various sizes, shapes and engineering / performance specifications ranging from cheap models ($60) to high end models tagged at $800 or above. The range (control distance), speed and battery longevity are some of the most important things you have to consider when choosing an RC truck. There are cars built for off-road conditions and those built for level surfaces, so you have to know which type is suitable for your race track. A formula-1 RC car will be suitable for a hard level surface such as concrete, asphalt or well compacted earth road. You will not enjoy the experience with this car on a bumpy, sandy, muddy, rocky or rough road. You also have RC trucks built for all terrain, and the specially made RC rock crawler.

Example of RC Truck – HSP 1 in 18 scale , 4WD-Off-Road, RTR Brushed Monster Truck – Knight Pro

Traxxas Ford Fiesta ST RC Rally Sports Car – Manufactured by Traxxas

Kids and adults alike are into RC car racing and as expected, they will have different choices of cars and racing tracks. Kids might prefer small cars and a smaller race course. Adults will go for big RC trucks and a much larger racing ground. In many cases, grown-ups are interested in truck performance (e.g. speed, manoeuvrability etc.) and challenging courses. If this is the case, then you might want to build a race course that simulates an actual Rally race course or Formula-1 race course. RC car racing tournaments conducted by IFMAR are held each year with championship winners from Europe, USA and Japan dominating the event.

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