Master Plumbers Inc Plumbing Apprenticeship and Training, New Mexico and West Texas

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Master Plumbers Inc Plumber Apprenticeship and Training, New Mexico and West Texas

Company Profile/History/Location

Master Plumbers Inc is an American contractor that specializes in plumbing services They have plumbing technicians who can install and fix home plumbing, garbage disposal units, site water reticulation systems, sewer pipes, gas pipes and water heating tanks. They will inspect your plumbing / drainage systems for leaks and clogged pipes using modern trenchless technology (camera inspection), hydro jetting (unclogging pipes using pressurized water) and finally pipe lining (sealing cracks with epoxy resin coated sleeves). If you remodelling your existing kitchen/bathroom or building a new house, Master Plumbers Inc will install plumbing, including sanitary fittings according to plumbing drawings and architectural schedules laid out by the architect. In case you want to install a water softener system in your house to mitigate the effects of mineral-laden hard water that causes scale deposits and build-up of scum, Master Plumbers can help you with the installation.

Founded in 1994, Master Plumbers Inc has more than two decades of experience in plumbing and sewer installation. The company has 39 employees across all sites, with an annual revenue of $6.75 million. The plumbing contractor provides services for both residential and commercial clients in the state of New Mexico (South East) and West Texas. There are nine operational branches in New Mexico, namely in the cities and counties of Hobbs, Lovington, Eunice, Tatum, Jal, Maljimar, Buckeye, Carlsbad and Artesia. In the state of West Texas, Master Plumbers Inc operates in Denver City, Seagraves, Seminole, Yoakum and Gains Counties.

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According to BuildZoom, Master Plumbers has a high rating (97), which places them in the top 20% of the best plumbers in New Mexico, comprising 37,161 service providers. The company has a license in both plumbing works and general construction, and so far, they have successfully completed 207 projects in the region, with a major amount of work being plumbing projects (118 projects). They have bagged 15 sewer installation permits and 3 construction projects, which is quite a small number compared to plumbing jobs.

The average contract value of projects undertaken by Master Plumbers since 2018 is about $5,493. They have done three projects in the $20K-$50K range, and five projects in the $50K-$100K. The company handles and executes about 42 projects in a year.


  • Plumbing services (installation, repairs and maintenance)
  • Site water and drainage reticulation systems
  • Site gas reticulation systems
  • Installation of garbage disposal units
  • Installation of home water softener systems
  • Drain cleaning


Projects Done

The following are some of the projects which have completed by Master Plumbers Inc since 2017:

  • Replacement of drainage pipe and relocation of urinal drain in bathrooms for a commercial property in the city of Jal, project valued at $16,000.
  • Testing of gas system including fixing the switch for a manufactured house in Hobbs.
  • Relocation of an existing commercial metal building to a new foundation in Lovington .
  • Replacement of site gas pipes and repiping of house in Lovington
  • Modular building setting out for commercial property in Hobbs.
  • Sewer and site water reticulation for a house in Hobbs.
  • Alterations to gas pipe installation to align with new building codes, for a house in Lovington.
  • Rough-in plumbing and repiping of sanitary fittings for a residential property in the city of Jal, project valued at $15,000.
  • Site water and gas reticulation for a residential property in Lovington.
  • Sewer and site water reticulation for  manufactured housing in Hobbs.
  • Site gas reticulation for a commercial property in Hobbs, project valued at $83,000.
  • Plumbing installation excluding sanitary fittings and repiping, for a commercial property in Lovington, project valued at $20,700.
  • Plumbing rough-in inspection for a commercial property in Tatum, project valued at $6,500.
  • Sewer and site drainage systems for a commercial property in Eunice, project valued at $52,849.
  • Installation of a tankless water heating system for a residential property in Lovington.
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Apprentice Progam

Master Plumbers Inc runs a plumbing apprentice training program on a regular basis or whenever there is a need to add more technicians in their team. You don’t have to worry about self-funding your training because the company will pay you a reasonable wage while you learn the trade and work alongside experienced technicians.

The paid apprenticeship will pay you as follows:

You will get a $1000 when you enrol for a vocational or college training course. The training bonus is disbursed in three stages.

During your training, you will be eligible for a paid vacation up to 21 days.

There is a 7 days paid sick leave for trainees and apprentices.

All holidays are included in your paid benefits.

You won’t need to finance your own insurance policy or cover, the company will cover all your insurance costs.

So you have been a loyal employee and it’s now time to retire? Don’t worry, the company has a 4% on income retirement package for its employees.

A full-time plumbing technician earns $40,000 to $60,000 per year.

You must have an up-to-date driving record.

Job Requirements

To see full job requirements, please >>> Download the Job Description PDF.



How To Apply

Depending on the need to find replacements, job applications can be competitive. About 1, 2 or 3 apprentices may be required at a time. The best way to get a response or confirmation for an interview or appointment is to visit the company offices and talk to the employer or manager. Appointments are done on the spot.

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On the day of the interview, candidates are required to wear casual. Dressing attire is flexible as long as you look presentable. No problem.

You may as well call or submit an online query if you want to.


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