Go Green Express Home Services  Plumbing Apprenticeship and Training, Hudson Valley, New York

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Go Green Express Home Services  Plumber Apprenticeship and Training, Hudson Valley, New York

Company Profile/History/Location

Go Green Express Home Services (GGEHS) is a plumbing and HVAC company based in New York, dealing in installations and repairs for all types of clients in the Hudson Valley. Homes, institutions and businesses, for example shops, offices, malls, schools and hotels are some of the clients that need HVAC/plumbing services, whether it be repairing or replacing an existing installation, or installing HVAC/plumbing in a newly built home or commercial property. GGEHS is also an installer of water treatment systems and emergency power generators  in a few locations in the Hudson Valley.

The company was founded in 1977 by Ed Wolfe’s parents. Under a 12 year apprenticeship in the company, not only as a plumber but also handling the operational and financial management aspects of the business, Ed Wolfe rose up in the ranks to become the Managing Director. Under his directorship, the company saw an expansion of its HVAC business as well as overall growth in the scope of work done, securing huge contracts and complex jobs. After acquiring major shares in the company, Ed Wolfe  was the driving force behind GGEHS LLC’s success. The company realized a turnover of $9 million over a span of 15 years as well as an increase in the number of employees, with about 75 people employed in the company.

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Ed Wolfe has ensured the competence and survival of the company in the market through strategic acquisitions and mergers. The credit crisis beginning in  2008 affected a lot of businesses including real estate and construction. The company survived the credit crunch by consolidating its entities and subsidiaries as well as re-inventing its image.

Today, GGHS LLC has operations in  17 counties in the Hudson Valley (New York) namely Beacon, Blooming Grove, Clintondale, Cold Spring, Cornwall, Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, Monroe, Mountainville, Newburgh, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie, Putnam Valley, Saugerties, Wappingers Falls, Washingtonville and Woodbury.

At GGHS, professional plumbing technicians are deployed on a 24/7 standby schedule whenever there is a client on the line. What you would like about GGEHS as an HVAC/plumbing client is the promptness of their service which comes with a free estimate and site inspection. As the name suggests, Go Green Express is a company that utilizes green HVAC technology to comply with environmental standards that reduce waste and pollution in the environment. In some states and counties in the USA, legislation will reward the use of green HVAC systems by providing green tax incentives and credits to homeowners. This allows you to save even more on installation costs. The company itself will give you service/installation discounts as high as $200 for utilizing their selected services. First time customers will also benefit from a 50% discount.


  • Plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance.
  • HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance.
  • Installation of power generators.
  • Installation of water treatment systems.
  • Indoor air quality testing.
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Apprentice Program

The GGEH plumbing apprenticeship is a full-time entry level paid apprenticeship that allows you to earn while you work. You will start learning the trade as a plumber’s assistant, going out into the field for inspections, repairs and installations. A paid plumbing apprentice has their minimum wages increased as each phase of the training is completed successfully. As a skilled GGEH plumber, you will get employee benefits on top of your regular salary. This includes paid holidays and training, health/medical insurance cover including dental treatments. Your chances for promotion and career advancement will increase as you get experience and obtain certifications in advanced plumbing.

You will be working in teams, travelling in company vans. Jobs are usually assigned according to your level of experience and knowledge.

Entry Level Requirements

A newly recruited apprentice plumber at Go Green Express LLC should meet the following requirements:

  • Possess mechanical skills (solution-oriented person with technical, analytical, mathematical, creative and problem-solving skills).
  • Be physically strong and healthy, because you will be required to lift heavy weights as much as 50 pounds, climb elevated areas using ladders, to access ceiling spaces, roofs etc and use wrenches to fix bolts and pipes.
  • Be in possession of a driver’s license and clean driving record.
  • Have a clean background check and undergo drug screening at the clinic.
  • Good customer service skills.
  • No experience required.

For full job requirements, responsibilities and skills, please >>> Download the Job Description PDF

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How To Apply

Green Express Home Services LLC recruits apprentice plumbers in the New York area from time to time. All you have to do is check their website or browse the internet for jobs and training opportunities.

Apprenticeships-Training Green Express Home Services

Apprenticeships-Training Green Express Home Services New York


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