Cullum Constructors Inc Plumbing Apprenticeship and Training, Charleston, State of South Carolina

Cullum Constructors Inc Plumber Apprenticeship and Training, Charleston, State of South Carolina

Company Profile/History/Location

Cullum Inc is an American contractor and project management consultancy specializing in the construction of mechanical, industrial and commercial projects. The company has headquarters situated in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as a huge workshop dealing in pipe/sheet metal fabrication. Branches have been opened in the state of Georgia and North Carolina, specifically in the towns of Greenville and Columbia.

The founder of the company Furman Cullum, started the organisation in 1972 as a contractor named Cullum Mechanical Construction. As time went on, the company has diversified into other areas with specialized/certified engineers and surveyors in its employ. There are two divisions, Cullum Constructors Inc which specializes in construction and Cullum Services Inc which is the project management and consultancy division of the company.

The company has licences in the mechanical and general contractor trades, including plumbing.


  • Mechanical contractor
  • General contractor
  • Plumber


Projects Done

Cullum Inc has handled and executed a large number of projects in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, realizing an annual turnover of $30 million in 2020. Some of the major projects completed successfully by the company include:

  • A detention center in Charleston County
  • Clemson University football stadium
  • University of South Carolina football stadium
  • Charleston College stadium
  • Boeing Paint Shop and Hangar in Charleston
  • Boeing Propulsion Systems Facility in North Charleston
  • Boeing Research and Development Center in Charleston
  • Aquariums
  • MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) Health Ashley River Tower
  • MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) Medical Center


Apprentice Program

Cullum Constructors Inc recruits apprentice plumbers on a regular basis whenever there is work. Just keep checking with them if you live in Charleston or South Carolina. The apprenticeship includes an educational plumbing course, on-the-job training and progression to paid apprenticeship with a minimum basic wage of $12 per hour. Upon successful completion of the advanced stage (Journey Level), your hourly wage will be much higher at $21.60 per hour, and you will be certified by the US Department of Labour.

The educational plumbing course which is part of your three-part apprentice program is produced and managed by NCCER. It is an online course with several modules that need to be completed progressively. At the end of each module, you will take tests.

The 4-year plumber apprentice program includes the following job training hours:

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