5 Best Construction Calculators for Estimators, Contractors and Architects

5 Best Construction Calculators for Estimators, Contractors and Architects

A construction calculator is a handy tool that you would need if you are dealing with mathematical problems on site or in your office. This tool will be useful for estimators, quantity surveyors, architects, contractors and various trades such as carpentry, metalwork and plumbing.

Estimators – In order to come up with project quantities and cost estimates, an estimator a.k.a quantity surveying technician has to take off quantities from architectural drawings. A calculator will be required to determine a lot of dimensions which are not indicated on the plan, for example, the length of truss members, hipped roof rafters, diagonal bracing, staircase members, as well as areas of sloped roofs, ceilings, bulkheads, gable walls, eaves and fascia boards. Complex calculations are also required for volumetric quantities such as bulk excavations on slopping land and filling to make up levels. With a construction calculator, you will be able to do these calculations much faster.

Architects – Specifications on the site have to comply with specifications on plan. An architect will need a specialized tool to make and confirm calculations on site. A lot of mathematical problems will also arise during the course of designing and revisions.

Contractor & Tradesmen – Builders and trade specialists make a lot of calculations on site when setting out work, laying down, fixing and cutting materials. A construction mathematical calculator is a tool that will allow you to get the right dimensions, angles and shape to put the pieces together. Precise cuts and fixing details will save the contractor a lot of money that goes to wasted materials caused by guess-estimating and out of range measurements. With a construction calculator, you will get a correct estimate. Plumbers, tile installers, glass installers, metalworkers, roofers, ceiling installers, drywall installers and carpenters will need this tool to calculate correct fixing details on site.

With that said, if you are looking for a professional construction calculator, you have to take a look at the top 5 calculators available on the market. Some have more features than the other. You have to get a calculator that fits your needs, for example, there are specialized calculators for plumbers, carpenters, concrete installers and some which have multiple functions for all trades.

CI 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Calculator

This is an advanced construction calculator for most professions and trades in the construction industry. A building contractor, estimator, architect, roofer, carpenter, and metalworker will find it useful for many purposes. You can calculate quantities for roof and staircase construction, including material cost estimates for any drawing or items. This orange themed calculator is manufactured by Calculated Industries, a common name in measurement tools. It is packed with a lot of features that you would not find in other calculators, for example, you can do unit conversions, blockwork, foundations, surface beds, and drywalls etc. It makes use of imperial units.

Price – $54.95

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