Top 10 Distance Laser Measuring Tools for Construction Estimators and Quantity Surveyors

The Top 10 Distance Laser Measuring Tools for Construction Estimators, Land and Quantity Surveyors


Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure

A distance laser measure also known as a range finder is a modern tool used by construction estimators and quantity surveyors to measure distance. The device can also measure area and volume, including Pythagorean triangles. If you are still using a tape measure on your projects, you should switch to a digital laser measure because it allows you to take measurements much faster and easier than a measuring tape. With a measuring tape, you have to unroll the tape with your hands, carefully set the points at the ends, and make sure that the tape is straight and at the right angle. Most of the times, you will need an assistant with you in the field, who will hold the other end of the tape.

By using a laser measuring device, you can avoid all the manual work that is required with tape measures. With this tool, one person can take measurements on the site without assistance. Using a laser device is simple. For example, when you are measuring the distance between two walls, you simply reset the meter to zero, then place the base of the device at a perpendicular position to the wall. At the click of a button, a laser beam will hit the other end of the room in a fraction of a second, and the device will automatically register the travelled distance. Measurements can be done in single instances or continuous mode. The maximum accuracy for most pocket-sized laser measuring devices is 1/16 inches. The instrument has an LCD display which is usually backlit for dark conditions.

The laser beam emitted by this tool must hit a solid surface at a perpendicular height to the horizontal surface. When measuring the distance between walls, the horizontal surface will be the floor. When measuring the ceiling height, the solid surface is perpendicular to the vertical surface.

Just about anyone who is in the construction industry will need a distance laser measuring tool – architects, estimators, quantity surveyors, property valuation surveyors, remodelers, contractors, engineers and interior designers.

The following are some of the most common highly-rated distance laser measuring devices that you can buy:

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure

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