Top 10 Distance Laser Measuring Tools for Construction Estimators and Quantity Surveyors

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The Top 10 Distance Laser Measuring Tools for Construction Estimators, Land and Quantity Surveyors


Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure

A distance laser measure also known as a range finder is a modern tool used by construction estimators and quantity surveyors to measure distance. The device can also measure area and volume, including Pythagorean triangles. If you are still using a tape measure on your projects, you should switch to a digital laser measure because it allows you to take measurements much faster and easier than a measuring tape. With a measuring tape, you have to unroll the tape with your hands, carefully set the points at the ends, and make sure that the tape is straight and at the right angle. Most of the times, you will need an assistant with you in the field, who will hold the other end of the tape.

By using a laser measuring device, you can avoid all the manual work that is required with tape measures. With this tool, one person can take measurements on the site without assistance. Using a laser device is simple. For example, when you are measuring the distance between two walls, you simply reset the meter to zero, then place the base of the device at a perpendicular position to the wall. At the click of a button, a laser beam will hit the other end of the room in a fraction of a second, and the device will automatically register the travelled distance. Measurements can be done in single instances or continuous mode. The maximum accuracy for most pocket-sized laser measuring devices is 1/16 inches. The instrument has an LCD display which is usually backlit for dark conditions.

The laser beam emitted by this tool must hit a solid surface at a perpendicular height to the horizontal surface. When measuring the distance between walls, the horizontal surface will be the floor. When measuring the ceiling height, the solid surface is perpendicular to the vertical surface.

Just about anyone who is in the construction industry will need a distance laser measuring tool – architects, estimators, quantity surveyors, property valuation surveyors, remodelers, contractors, engineers and interior designers.

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The following are some of the most common highly-rated distance laser measuring devices that you can buy:

Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure

This is one of the most popular devices on the market. The device is manufactured by Bosch Technology, it is portable, easy to use and reliable. It can fit in your pocket and it is powered by 4 x AAA standard batteries. You can measure distance, area and volume on the site, as well as perimeters in sequential order. You can measure distances up to 130 feet in imperial or metric units, including decimal feet. All kinds of professions, from property valuation surveyors to insurance evaluators and estimators, are using this laser measuring tool in their projects. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

Price – $173.95

Bosch GLM35 Laser Measure

A small device made to fit in your pocket, the GLM35 can measure length, area and volume in an instant. You can take measurements one line at a time or in perimeters. You can make adjustments for lengths by subtracting or adding values. If you are working in dark conditions, there is a backlighting feature which allows you to see measurements on your device. The device has a linear maximum range of 120 feet, and it is powered by 2 x AAA batteries. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

Price – $78.98


Foneso F100 Laser Measure

This is a good-looking blue pocket-size digital device which can measure length, area and volume in both metric and imperial units. It is capable of single and continuous measurements. The maximum range is 328 feet (100m), and you can make adjustments for lengths as required. It comes with a case, but you have to buy your own batteries.

Price – $49.89

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measurer

This nice black and red themed device is capable of length, area and volume measurement. It can fit into your pocket and some of its features include a timer, add/subtract as well as the ability to send measurements to the Leica DISTO Sketch app via Bluetooth. The laser measure comes with 2 x AAA batteries, and its maximum range is 200 feet. If you want a device with a longer range, you can opt for the 330-feet range model.

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Price – $164.99 (330 feet)

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

This orange and black themed laser measuring device has a lot of interesting features. It’s very low priced compared to most tools of this kind. This portable device has two bubble levels, so you can expect a more accurate measurement. It comes with a 2 x AAA battery, a backlit LCD display, you can take measurements in meters, feet or inches. As you take measurements of length and height, the tool will generate quantities for area and volume. The device can calibrate itself, and you can take linear dimensions in a single instance or continuous fashion.

Unlike most devices, it’s IP54 waterproof, and you can adjust the volume to suit the environment that you are working in. The device comes with a portable bag, batteries and hand strap. The tool’s maximum range is 196 feet, and you are covered with a 2 year warranty.

Price – $25.97

Suaoki S9 Laser Measure

The Suaoki has an orange and black digital interface. It features two bubble levels, you can set your units of measurement to metric or imperial units, the backlit LCD display allows you to see clearly in dark places. Like most laser measuring devices, you can switch between single and continuous measurement modes. The user can measure length, areas and volumes in feet, meters or inches. The maximum range offered by this device is 198 feet.

Price – $35.99

Luoyiman Laser Measure

This red and black themed device has a good-looking digital interface. You can measure distances, areas and volumes on the site. It’s also possible to take angular dimensions. The maximum range is 196 feet. Its small size means that you can put it in your pocket, and when you purchase this device, batteries will be included.

Price – $59.99

Bosch GLM50 Laser Measure

The Bosch GLM50 is a pocket-sized device that you can take with you anywhere. Like most Bosch models, it has a blue interface. You can measure volume, area and lengths up to 165 feet. You will like the automatic backlighting display that adjusts itself to light levels in the environment that you are working in. The package includes a belt pouch, hand strap and 2 x AAA batteries.

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Price – $118.90

Dewalt DW-03050 Laser Distance Measurer

This is a robust looking laser device, which comes in black and yellow theme. An estimator or surveyor can use this device to take linear measurements, as well as calculate lines using the Pythagoras theorem. Areas and volumes are automatically calculated as you measure geometric lines on the site. The LCD display is backlit to ensure a clear view in dark conditions. It can also adjust for conditions which are too bright. This device is contained in a durable and water resistant moulding. You can take measurements up to 165 feet at an accuracy of 1/16 inches. The package includes 2 x AAA batteries and a belt pouch.

Price – $99.00

General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Measure

Compared to all laser measuring tools outlined in this post, the LTM1 is a one of a kind device. Unlike a regular laser measure, the LTM1 is a 2-in-1 laser tape measure. You have a laser range finder and tape measure in one device. The maximum laser range is 50 feet and the full unrolled length of the tape measure is 16 feet.

To activate the laser, you click the red button on the side the device. An LCD display will show you the measured length. This device runs on 2 x AAA batteries which are included in the package.

Why would you want to have a laser and tape measure in one place? A laser measuring tool is far more accurate for long spans, while a tape measure is suitable for short spans. Hence, having both tools with you is convenient, especially if they are integrated in one device.

Price – $39.97


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