How To Measure a Backyard : Professional Methods of Site Measurement and Finding the Square Footage of your Yard.

How To Measure a Backyard : Professional Methods of Site Measurement

Methods of Measuring Property / Boundary Lines

How To Find the Square Footage of your Yard

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There are many reasons why you would want to measure your backyard, or for that matter your side yard or front yard. Before we delve into various methods of measuring your yard, we should look at situations and projects that require or necessitate yard measurements on your residential lot.

Backyard Extensions and Additions:

When you are planning on extending your existing house with extra rooms or building new detached outbuildings such as a studio, garage, guest house, tuck shop and servants living quarters, you will need to measure the size of your rear yard. This includes determining the location of building lines (setback lines) on your property. The architect needs site measurements to plan the design and produce accurate drawings. The quantity surveyor (construction estimator) needs site measurements to prepare bills of quantities and make accurate cost estimates. The building contractor also needs site measurements. Basically, before any type of construction begins, the owner must produce a site plan. Producing a site plan is the responsibility of the engineer, and this plan includes a lot of important detail such as the position of underground utility services, nature of terrain, adjacent buildings, structures, streets and access which may affect the design.

Landscaping and Gardening:

Before you build a backyard garden or any landscaping features and improvements, you must take measurements of the yard and reproduce them on a site plan that an architect or landscape designer will make. This allows the landscape designer to find the right spots for physical features such as pathways, koi ponds, sculptures, pergolas, flower beds, shrubs, hedges, trees and lawn. The site measurements will determine the size of these physical features and their position with respect to other features and/or the site.

While house extensions and structural additions are going to have their location and span limited by setback distance codes, landscaping features are usually not affected by setback rules, but this is something that you have to check with your city zoning department.

Property Valuation:

When you are selling your house, one of the things that you have to do is getting property and real estate valuers to inspect your house and yard. This includes taking measurements of your lot and yard to determine the real square footage. Property valuers will also take notice of all improvements on your yard and take measurements. They will inspect the conditions of the buildings and additions, measuring the size and estimating the value. Property valuation is also known as real estate appraisal.

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