5 Best Distance Measuring Wheels for Site Surveyors and Estimators

5 Best Distance Measuring Wheels for Site Surveyors and Estimators

A distance measuring wheel is a convenient tool for measuring long distances on site. This tool consists of a wheel, pole (steering or handle), kickstand and the meter (measuring dial). There are various types of measuring wheels, some with collapsible wheels which can be reduced to 50% of their original size for easy packing and storage. The most common type of measuring wheel is the single-wheel, but there are models with dual wheels. Estimators, property valuation surveyors, construction site workers and site surveyors are known to use measuring wheels for sites with long spans.

In order to start measuring, you have to mark the starting position on the ground. Start pushing the wheel using the steering pole. Focus in the direction of your destination, and make sure you are moving in a straight line. As you move, the tool will measure the distance travelled which is shown on the meter. In case you want to take a rest, push the kickstand down, and the machine will stand still on the spot.

To measure a new line or single instance, you have to reset the meter, which will begin at zero. Push the wheel and repeat the steps outlined above. As you can see, it’s very easy to operate this instrument.

Depending on the tools available in the market, distance measuring wheels come in different sizes. The wheel diameter ranges in size from 4 inches to 4 feet. In metric units, that’s 102mm to 1220mm.

Before you purchase a measuring wheel, you have to understand its purpose and limitations. The measuring wheel is suitable for measuring long distances out in the field or site. It’s very hard, time consuming and just not practical to measure long distances with a measuring tape. Also, the accuracy of a measuring wheel is less than that of a measuring tape, but a measuring wheel allows you to measure long distances much faster and with little effort.

Where rough measurements are required, as on a farm, plot, vacant lot or building site, you will need a measuring wheel to accomplish the task. Measuring tapes are only needed for small spaces such as the size of rooms in a dwelling or office building.

The accuracy of a measuring wheel depends on the hardness and smoothness of the surface. The accuracy is much higher on a hard, smooth and level surface, and much lower on a loose, rough and uneven surface. In this case, you would get much higher accuracy on a paved or tarred surface, and lower accuracy on a sandy, grassy, muddy or gravel surface.

To get higher accuracy, the wheel has to keep in contact with the ground at all times. A lot of bouncing and bumping will reduce the final measured length. A slightly heavier wheel will keep to the ground most of the times, much more than a light wheel. You also have to take into account the obstructions that come in your way, for example, rocks and boulders along the path. Whenever you have to move around or jump over these obstructions, you will be required to make adjustments in your measurements.

With that said, here are some of the best distance measuring wheels that you can get on the market. These are highly reviewed wheels:

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