Building Costs Per Square Foot in the State of Alabama, USA

Building Costs Per Square Foot in the State of Alabama, USA


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Construction costs are 4% below the national average in the state of Alabama, and equivalent to the states of Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia. The building costs per square foot in the state of Alabama (USA) depend on many things. Before we talk about the cost of materials and labour, which is what many people are concerned about, the overall cost of building a residential property also includes costs related to the design and planning phase as well as the pre-tender stage. You have to pay architectural design fees if you need a custom house plan. Geotechnical engineers have to assess the ground conditions on the site where your project will be located. They will undertake soil tests, determine the depth of firm ground and water level, which will determine the depth of foundations required for the building. Civil engineers have to find the location of underground service pipes such as water and waste drainage pipes. The weather and climate in your region will influence the design, as well as the ground conditions and terrain. In this post, we will look at the cost of building class 3 [Best Standard] properties. We shall look at the building cost per square foot for single family homes, multi-family residences (apartments with 2 or 3 units), manufactured housing, motels with not more than 9 units, 4-corner conventional recreational dwellings and 4-corner A-Frame cabins.


List of 15 Metropolitan Areas/Cities in Alabama – Percentage Deviation of the City/Town Building Cost from the National Average ($X), in Descending Order:

In the state of Alabama, there are 460 municipalities grouped into 15 metropolitan areas and the construction cost per square foot in each metro city varies from the state and national average by a certain percentage based on the location factor. The building costs shown below are based on the local construction index i.e. the cost of materials and labor. They don’t include the cost of land, loose furniture and variation in ground conditions or terrain. Ground conditions are assumed to be normal. The building cost percentage deviation from the National Average for each metropolitan area is represented by the formulas below.


If $X is the Average National Building Cost in the USA, then it will cost the following to build a residential property in each metro city/area:

Alabama              -4% (4% less than X)

  1. Bellamy                                5% (5% more than X)
  2. Birmingham        2% (2% more than X)
  3. Sheffield              0% (=X)
  4. Huntsville            -1% (1% less than X)
  5. Mobile                  -2% (2% less than X)
  6. Montgomery     -2% (2% less than X)
  7. Auburn                 -4% (4% less than X)
  8. Scottsboro          -4% (4% less than X)
  9. Tuscaloosa          -4% (4% less than X)
  10. Selma                    -5% (5% less than X)
  11. Dothan                 -7% (7% less than X)
  12. Anniston              -8% (8% less than X)
  13. Jasper                   -8% (8% less than X)
  14. Gadsden              -9% (9% less than X)
  15. Evergreen           -10% (10% less than X)

Deviation of the City_Town Building Costs Per Square Foot from the National Average in the State of Alabama USA in Descending Order

The City Cost List above and Bar Graphs indicate that Bellamy is the most expensive city to build in the state of Alabama, costing 5% more than the National Average Cost. The second most expensive city to build a residential property in Alabama is Birmingham, at 2% more than the National Average. It will take the same amount as the National Average to undertake a building project in the city of Sheffield.

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