Composite Rate Build Up for Verges – Approximate Quantities in Elemental Estimate Layout

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Composite Rate Build up – Verges

The Elemental Estimate layout and grouping of items will be used in this example. When building up composite rates for Approximate Quantities, you have to follow some basic principles. We are going to illustrate a composite rate build-up for Verges:

  1. 15 x 225mm Barge board countersunk screwed to roof timbers (elsewhere) with two brass screws at maximum 1200mm centres and nailed with steel nails into mortar joints at maximum 750mm centres and jointed with and including standard aluminium halfround cover strips at all joints.
  2. Fibre cement 15mm Verge soffit covering 600mm wide including 38 x 50mm sawn softwood branders along edges, along centre and at 400mm centres across sheets.
  3. Prepare, stop and apply one coat alkali resistant primer and two full coats acrylic emulsion paint for exterior use: On external fibre-cement bargeboards and verge soffit board including priming metal cover strips and screw heads with one coat zinc phosphate alkyd resin primer.

Step 1

First, you have to determine the Group unit of measurement. When you are measuring Verges in Elemental or Approximate Quantities estimating, the group unit of measurement is the metre (m).

Step 2

The second step is listing all associated Bill items that can be mapped to Verges by length. These are:

  • Fibre cement barge board 225mm wide  – (m) Rate – R55.00
  • Fibre cement verge soffit board 600mm wide – (m2) Rate – R40.00
  • Two coats emulsion paint and one coat primer on Barge board – (m) Rate – R36.00
  • Two coats emulsion paint and one coat primer on Soffit board – (m2) Rate – R40.00

Step 3

Rate Build Up for items which can be mapped by length. Since your Group unit is the metre (m), you should convert the Bill item rates to Cost per Metre.

Rate Build Up


Rate – Cost Per Metre (m)  Rands
1m of Barge board    
1m = R55 55
1m of Verge Soffit board
1000 x 600mm wide    
1 x 0.6 = 0.6m2
0.6 x R40 = R24 24
1m of Paint on Barge board
1m = R36 36
1m of Paint on Soffit Board
1000 x 600mm wide
1 x 0.6 = 0.6m2
0.6 x R40 = R24 24
Composite Rate – VERGES 139  


The composite rate for VERGES is R139 per metre.


Elemental Layout and Grouping

Items which go into the element ROOF and component Verges are stated in the description:



Unit Quantity Unit Rate Cost/m2 Subtotal Cost
Fibre cement verge soffit board 15 x 600mm wide fixed to wall and rafter, and barge board 15 x 225mm screwed to roof timbers, including painting.


M 139
Subtotal VERGES


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