Building Costs Per Square Foot in the City of Atlanta (GA), USA

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the City of Atlanta (GA), USA

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Newly Built House in Atlanta 512 Deleven Street SW GA-30310 – 4 Bed and 3 Baths with Garage on Gross Floor Area 2,100 sqft – Built in 2022 – Price $649,000 (1)

Building costs are 12% above the national average in the City of Atlanta in Georgia. Everyone dreams of having their own house, but as time goes by this seems to be something more impossible to achieve. Prices are rising, and wages seem to be getting lower. When you feel that there are no chances to buy a property, we recommend that you start to find out about the real estate market in those places that are not as well known as NYC, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

There are real estate markets with affordable properties, and one of them is the City of Atlanta, Georgia. A few years ago Atlanta only seemed in the news for its crime rate, but today it represents a safer city, worthy of being a city to raise a family.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this real estate market. From the current values of the properties to data on how they are expected to evolve shortly, and the real estate projects to look out for.

Atlanta (GA) Construction Outlook

Atlanta’s construction outlook is one of the most amazing in all of Georgia. It is a city that has a skyline worthy of a big city, with modern and glazed buildings. In addition, thanks to investments from the city government there was a renovation of the facades of some old buildings, so today they have a more modern look.

Not everything is buildings in Atlanta, other types of properties are the real stars. Townhouses in particular are a staple of Atlanta’s outlook. These are built with good materials since there are usually several storms throughout the year. Even the houses that you see that are made of wood or prefabricated have some kind of extra protection inside since otherwise they could be destroyed.

The information about the climate in Atlanta is something that you should take into account if you are looking to buy a lot to build property since you should invest in good materials to prevent everything from breaking after the first rain.

On the outskirts of downtown Atlanta, you’ll find single-family homes of lower or middle-class families. In some cases they were built in the 90s, so they were a bit outdated compared to the constructions that exist today in big cities.

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