Building Costs Per Square Foot in the City of El Paso (TX), USA

Newly Built House in El Paso 965 Haggerston Street TX-79928 - 4 Bedrooms and 2 Baths on Gross Floor Area 1,344 sqft - Built in 2021 - Price $261,950 (1)

Newly Built House in El Paso 965 Haggerston Street TX-79928 – 4 Bedrooms and 2 Baths on Gross Floor Area 1,344 sqft – Built in 2021 – Price $261,950 (1)

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the City of El Paso (TX), USA

Building costs are -7% below the national average in the City of El Paso in Texas. Who doesn’t love shopping? There is always something new to find. Maybe you already had something in mind, or you want the market to surprise you. We do not talk about going to buy clothes at the mall, but we focus on shopping for residential properties.

This market is much more entertaining than the typical mall in town, but it is also much riskier, with unforeseen ups and downs, and a much larger investment. Anyway, there is something fun that comes from the adrenaline of buying residential properties, and here we want to spread that to you.

In this article, we will focus mainly on the real estate market and residential construction in the city of El Paso, located in the state of Texas. Keep scrolling down to learn more and find all the information that you need.

El Paso (TX) Construction Outlook

El Paso is a beautiful city, but it is in the shadow of other larger cities in Texas like Houston, Austin, and Dallas. This does not mean that it is not a large urban center, even in other states of this region of the United States it would be considered a city worthy of being a capital.

To give you an image of what El Paso is like, we will tell you a little about its neighborhoods. The financial district is where the vast majority of buildings are located. While you can find others on the outskirts, this is where they are largest and where they are found side by side.

These buildings may reach great heights, but they don’t even come close to the great skyscrapers of Chicago, NY, or LA. Still, part of El Paso’s motto is to embrace the nature of the inner city, so it makes sense that there isn’t as much of an interest in gargantuan construction.

Then outside the financial district, you can find residential houses. Some are luxury and the vast majority are from lower or middle-class families. Keep in mind that Texas mansions are mostly found in the larger cities mentioned above.

El Paso (TX) Housing Market Analysis and Forecast

El Paso is one of the most affordable cities to live in, and also the values ​​of its residential properties are among the cheapest. Although there was a 12% increase in average property values ​​compared to 2021, these prices continue to be much cheaper than other urban centers in the United States.

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